A sample FoE Character Bio

This is a sample of what kind of character is running around in FoE. I wrote the Bio sheet used here myself, so it contains more information than the standard FoE bio. This is a long, by comparison, bio. You do not need to go anywhere near as in-depth as I did, but if you want to, hey, great!

Forces of the Empire - Persona Bio


Name: Patrick Antillies Hawkwood

Physical Description:

Age: 24

Race: Human

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lb.

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Other Distinguishing Marks: None

Current Status:

Current Job: Chief of Security
Army: Allied Armed Forces of the New Republic
Branch: Security
Rank: Colonel

Special Abilities:

Trained in SWAT Tactics and Procedures
Some marshal Arts
Some electronics and Communications
Extensive knowledge of Security Systems and Procedures

Personal Information:

Homeworld: Tellurus, Space Colony #3

Marital Status: Single
Spouse's name: N/A
Children: None

Father's Name: Duncan Hawkwood
Race: Human
Homeworld: Tellurus
Background: Tellurus Planetary Security

Mother's Name: Debra (Antillies) Hawkwood
Race: Human
Homeworld: Tellurus
Background: Communications Tech.

Education: Tellurus Primary School, (equv. 2 years collage)
Tellurus Planetary Security, Tactical Service School
some informal and self taught electronics courses

Force Training: None

Master: N/A
Light or Dark: N/A

Employment History:

Served 8 months, Tellurus Planetary Security, 25th Tac Serv. unit

Psychological Description:

IQ: High
Temperament: Dutiful, Helpful, Serious, quiet
Fears: Failure in his duty, the Force
Likes: Quiet Reflection, some excitement, doing his job
Dislikes: Injustice
Pet Peeves: know it allŐs, closed minds
Goals in Life: To fight injustice


Color: Blue
Pastime: Reading
Hobbies: Modeling, marshal arts, electronics
Food: cinnamon pastry
Drink: Milk

Personal History:

Pat was born on a small, "independent" colony station orbiting Tellurus 5. The colony, like its home world, gave no elegance to either side in the Rebellion but popular opinion was with the rebels. When Pat was young his parents took him to a large protest rally against the Empire's destruction of an innocent planet with the Death Star One

His father and mother were both from Tellurus 5 and volunteered for the colonization program His father was the Colonial Security Director, Pat lived with him and his mother and sister. He believes he had a brother who was killed fighting for the Rebellion but his parents would not tell him one way or the other or even if his brother existed.

His father taught Pat about the security force and first instilled a love for that kind of work. As well as strong senses of duty and honor.

Pat had just finished Primary School when the colony was attacked and invaded by a band of pirates. Many in the colony were killed in the fight or right after including Pat's father and the other five members of the Security Force. Most of the young men including Pat were taken to be sold as slave labor in the Kessel system. Pat does not know were his mother and sister are or if the pirates took them or if they are even alive. He has convinced himself that the pirates raped and killed them, thus he has a dislike of pirates.

The ship that Pat was being transported in was stopped and boarded by the Empire. The pirates seemed to have a deal with the local Governor but it was being ignored. Most of the pirates were summarily executed. Pat and several others from the colony escaped, along with some others that were also on the ship, in a small shuttle. The Empire apparently didn't care because the shuttle was neither stopped nor fired upon.

When the shuttle landed on an empty spot on a generally empty planet most of the people from Pat's colony decided to make for a space port and try to get home, he never heard of them again. This was just as the rebel fleet was massing to attack the second Death Star and the local Imps were cracking down. Pat decided to go with the second group of people who were a crew from a salvage ship that had been jumped, they let him and one other from the colony come with them.

Pat's aim was to get enough money to go back to his home with some resources.

The people he hooked up with managed to get on as a crew for a freighter, he signed on as a porter. When the ship reached its destination he and his companion, the other colonist, left the ship and were picked up by a group of people who were going in the general direction of the Tellurus system. Pat and friend went along ,again as porters.

On the trip Pat met a former Rebel solder who befriended him and helped him refine his use of weapons. The Empire, for unknown reasons, stopped and boarded the ship and began systematically executing those thought to be rebels. Pat his companion and his rebel friend put up a fight. In the fight his companion was killed and the rebel solder taken prisoner along with Pat and the crew of the ship.

After a month the Imps decided he was not a rebel and turned him loose. He signed on with a group of smugglers and after a couple of fights with Imperials and other smugglers he had proved he could handle him self in a fight, he was no Stormtrooper but he could shoot very well and wasn't bad in hand to hand. His hobby in comm systems and electronics also came in handy. Pat had, about this time dropped the use of his first name and started going by "Hawkwood". After about six months the smugglers were forced to break up because a couple of them were getting too hot.

Hawkwood drifted for a month or so he ended up on a middle of nowhere station, broke, and right in the middle of a clash between the Rebels and Imps(Blaster Battle '91). Hawkwood signed on as a merc with the Rebels to earn money to get home. He was paid 3000 cr. and awarded a commendation.

Hawkwood signed on to a freighter headed towards his home and finally made it back after a couple of paid passages.

He discovered that the colony had been garrisoned by the Empire. He found an old friend of his and found out that they arrived right after the pirate raid and took control from the home world. He also discovered that his mother and sister had been taken by the pirates in a separate ship from his.

He lived for about a week on the colony and saw many things that he felt were wrong. He came to the conclusion that the Empire was not the right government for the galaxy and that he should do something about it.

With that purpose in mind he snuck off the station to Tellurus and contacted and old friend of his fathers in the Planetary Security Force. He got Hawkwood into the Academy. Hawkwood joined the Tactical Services Div. with the specific intent of joining the Armed Forces of the Alliance of to Restore the Republic.

He graduated among the top 10%. He sent a letter to the Rebels and began serving in the Security Force. He served for about seven months, seeing a lot of action, when he was contacted by the rebels. He resigned from the Force (keeping a reserve status in case he should ever come back to his home) and went into the Rebel Security Division.

He served in an unremarkable fashion for about two months. Then a call came out from Rebel Command about the problems that were likely to be faced at Port Lansing, that middle of nowhere station that Hawkwood had visited, and first fought for the Rebellion.

Hawkwood put forward several suggestions and volunteered to help the security force at Port Lansing. He was a warded a promotion for his work at Port Lansing. (Blaster Battle '92)

He rose quickly through the ranks, eventual rising to the post of Chief of Security for the Alliance.

He is still serving as the Alliance Chief of Security and currently holds the rank of Colonel.

Now this is just a sample. It is also on the long side. Hawkwood is my primary character, and I have been playing him for about 5 years now. I have added a little to his bio over time. Tellurus, Hawkwood's home world is my creation as well. There is some history and the like about the planet written down and I hope to have it here sometime.

So anyway, this is a sample. Hopefully it has given you some ideas
--Patrick Furlong pfurlong@deathstar.org
Last updated: 12/23/94

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