Forcers of the Empire, Persona Bio Book

The Bio Book is a compilation of persona bios, of persona played in FoE. It is a very useful tool for new members to get ideas for characters, and for long time members to keep up with who's who.

A version of the BioBook is online in the Members Only site.

Each edition of the biobook contains new bios as well as up dated versions of older characters. There is also a new publication called FoE WHO'S WHO. It is a list of all characters played with in FoE, what divisions they belong to, what their job is, and who plays that character and their address. A very useful quick reference!

Submission guidelines for Bios

Information needed for inclusion in the Bio Book is simple. The Division your character will be in, and brief descriptions of the character's appearance, immediate family, their likes, dislikes goals, fears, specialabilities, pet peeves, education, and military service, Force training (if any), hobbies, and a page or so of personal history.

FoE has a standardized form for all this information. But if you prefer it can be written out another way. A standard Bio form can be downloaded from the Members Only site.

Also, if possible, include a drawing or picture of your character. This can be as simple as a picture of you (in or out of costume) or as complex as a full pen and ink drawing (don't send original art!) The picture or art will be sacnned in to a computer and integrated in to the published bio. If it is already included in the word doc you send to the biobook coordinator it will be checked for formatting. Remember, that persona bio's are considered out-of-character knowledge, but things that you wish made clear are secret should be indicated as such.

Please type or print bios legibly if hand written. Feel free to make copies of the bio form (in fact it is recommended that you do so). Bios should be sent to both your Division Leader as well as the web page maintaner, Dora Furlong and the Bio Book coordinator, Ginna Wilcoxen.

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