The Forces of the Empire Blaster Battle

The Forces of the Empire Blaster Battle is held every year at MediaWest*Con. It is a live action role-play. In other words, we get into costume and role-play like we were on a space station in the StarWars Universe for a weekend.

Everyone creates characters, usually their characters from Forces of the Empire, but others are welcome as well, and we interact as our characters.

There is also a battle one night. The Rebels and Imperials go at it in the hall, all out, for about three or four hours. There are many other events as well, such as "Peace" talks (never very peaceful), or perhaps the Emperor will put in an appearance.

People who are not members of FoE are welcome to join in the Blaster Battle, but you must be a member of MediaWest*Con to participate.

If you would like information on the Blaster Battle contact FoE at