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The Empire

Have you ever considered a career in the military? Would you like to earn good pay, and see the Galactic Wonders of the Universe? Do you want to be part of the one true system or law and order that still remains in this Galaxy?

If you want a life of career challenges and an opportunity to make the most of your life, then you just might be the right person for the Empire.

As a member of he Imperial Armed Forces, you will receive the best education and training. You will have the opportunity to visit with dignitaries and military advisors

So if these things appeal to you, then join us.

Hello, and welcome to the Imperial Division section! While we might play evil uptight guys in character, we're not really like that at all. =) Seriously, though, we do have a lot of fun playing our characters. There are always political intrigues, military battles, Sith power plays, and the like going on. Whatever else the rest of the galaxy might say about us, our lives are rarely boring! :) Whatever your in- and out-of-character preferences for role-play, I hope you have a great time.

James Casselbury
Imperial Division Leader

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