The Imperial News Network

Calling All Reporters!

The Empire Wants you!

Several illegal organizations have recently attempted to destroy the integrity of the official news service of the Empire. Only the Imperial News Network (INN) is the officially sponsored media as sanctioned by the Emperor Palpatine.

It is our goal to bring you responsible, reliable and accurate media coverage. Unlike other media broadcasting companies, such as IGNN, we believe in carefully selecting our stories. The IGNN has taken a strong anti-Imperial stance declaring that they will not be Imperial affiliated and mush maintain an "Independent" status.

It is our duty to not only be the top reporting agency, but to work in conjunction with the Military to eliminate subversive and treasonous enemies of the Galaxy. We go the extra length to provide you with reporting that will ensure your safety and good standing as a citizen of the Galaxy.

It is your obligation to report all information which would be beneficial to the growth and maintenance of the Empire. It is your duty as an Imperial citizen to report the honors and glory or your fellow man. It is your responsibility to report all anti-Imperial transmissions, broadcasts, and holo-vids.

Here's your chance to get in on the fun. Create a persona who is a reporter and Imperial. Then keep in touch with other members and find out what's going on in the club. Take anything you learn (in-character knowledge only) and write it up newspaper style - from the Imperial point-of-view, of course. Then send it in. You don't have to submit something every issue, so don't let that scare you off. Come on, being an Imperial Reporter will give your character a ... unique perspective. So join up now, send me a bio of your character, and start writing that award winning article! By the way, the INN is a military division. All new reporters start out at low rank but your submissions will earn you promotions and awards!

Perry Wyte, Senior Editor
Karl Kolshack, Publisher

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