MediaWest*Con(sm) is an Science Fiction/multi-Media fan-run convention, by fans, for fans. Programming is determined by member input and member participation. Our focus is fandom, not big name actors, authors, etc. There are no official guests (although some pros have been known to attend!). MediaWest*Con's formula includes these fan-tastic features: an amazing Art Show/Auction, dazzling Dealers' Room, phenomenal Fanzine Reading Room, mesmerizing Masquerade, festive Fan Q Awards, fabulous Fannish Videos, and a plethora of panels, panels, panels! But he most important element is the Fans!

MediaWest*Con is held every year in Lansing, Michigan over Memorial Day Weekend. Look here in the weeks to come for more info about MediaWest*Con '96!
last updated: 6/7/95