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Avon says that I should recruit more Mercenaries because it means more credit for me ... ah ... The Guild ... uh ... Everyone! That can't be right...

And there is lots of adventure and fun involved. Fun?

Everyone can do their own thing without worrying about authority and yes, there is a lot of credit to be made.

Am I Correct, Avon?

Sonya Wells
Mercenary Guild Head

That's Sonya, she doesn't know the first thing about running the Merc's guild, but I do. My section is just for hanging loose. There are no ranks so no one has to contribute to improve in rank. I do appreciate contributions though. The Merc's guild is for persona that are bounty hunters, independent traders, smugglers (yes there is a difference), pirates, and others who don't want to take sides (and find being diplomatic too peaceful). I will list personas and their descriptions in a wanted dead or alive section probably every other newsletter, I like to get poems and filk songs and any little saying that would pertain to mercenary endeavors. Also short stories, 5 pages or less are welcome. I also encourage role-playing through my section. (Role-playing with pen pals in the club is also fun) Just remember the object of being a mercenary is to take everyone else for as much credit as you possibly can (and Sonya a lot of times forgets to ask for dues.)

--Leslie Danneberger
Mercenary Division Leader

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