Creating a Persona for FoE

You don't have to create a character or role-play in order to be a member of FoE. We love to have fans of all kinds in on the fun with us.

When you join FoE, you will be sent, among other things, a Persona Bio Sheet. This is what you will use to create your character for FoE. The sheet has all the things necessary to create a background for your Character, such as: Parents, Siblings, current job, special abilities, and Character history.

FoE does not use ranks or statistics, except in live actions role-plays. We rely purely on role-play.

We recommend that you talk to talk to the New Member coordinator and division leader of the division you are considering creating a character for to get a feel for the club

When you do decide to create a character here are somethings to keep in mind:

Here is a Sample Bio
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