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Service Awards

Medals are not standardized. They a made from whatever materials Supply can come up with--usually a ribbon with some type of decorative ornament on it. Medals are awarded in the following categories by Alliance High Command:

Medal of Honor: highest honor, awarded by determination of council

Medal of Valor: outstanding bravery in the face of battle beyond the call of Duty

Medal of Loyalty: To recognize loyalty shown the Alliance while enduring 'difficult" situations--battle, etc.

Metal of Integrity: For top trustworthiness

Medal of Special Recognition: For Performance in battle.

POW/MIA Award: To recognize time spent as a prisoner of the enemy or missing.

Medal in Line of Duty: Awarded for wounds received in battle Medal of

Distinguished Service: Awarded to non-combat personnel for various displays of service deserving special recognition.

Additional medals may be awarded by the Alliance High Command for services they deem worthy of award.

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