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Divisions within the Alliance

Fleet: All those assigned to duty aboard ships, including fighter pilots, and pilots/crews of star fighters.

Ground Forces: All ground combat troops.

Security: Military police and those responsible for maintaining the security of bases, ships, and prisoner detention facilities. Also includes the bodyguards of high council members.

Counter Intel: Those responsible for preventing acts, of espionage, and for the security of information.

Intel: Those responsible for keeping track of imperial sections and activity, also handles prisoner interrogations and the pre and post mission briefing of alliance members, also includes espionage operatives,

Ordinance, Supply, and Support: includes cooks, supply clerks, administrative and clerical clerks.

Technical: includes computer and communications specialists, mechanics, construction and maintenance workers, ship designers, builders, and engineers. Anything involving a technical skill.

Medical Corps: Doctors, medical assistants, lab techs, medical droids, medics.

Special operations assault flight teams: The special operations flight units.

Special operations assault ground teams: the spec ops ground commandos.

These last two teams have been specially trained. They are sometimes called the elite or suicide squads. They have been put through very rigorous training including resistance to interrogation and torture. These two assault teams may contain many units.

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