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Alliance Fleet

The alliance fleet includes the following types of ships:

Fast Attack Vessels: This ship is hyperspace capable. It can carry between 4 to 20 crewmembers. It is far better armed, armored, and shielded than a fighter, but is slower and less maneuverable. These ships are primarily used in attacks against heavy targets in support of fighters. This ship operates from a base or carrier and is limited in supplies and fuel. This class of ship also includes attack boats used for ground attack and close air support.

Patrol Craft: Unlike a fast attack vessel, a patrol craft usually does not have hyperspace capability. This ship is a short-range and operates from a base or carrier.

Corvette: A multi-purpose ship carrying a crew of 48 to 288 members. Crew size is dependent upon the ship's size and configuration. It is used for system patrol, picket duty and fast attack. A Corvette is durable and highly maneuverable.

Drop Ship: A landing craft that is dropped from a carrier to bring ground troops rapidly to the planet's surface during planetary assault. They vary in size carrying units up to company strength.

Frigates: Better armed and larger than a corvette, but slower and less maneuverable. A Frigate can carry a crew of up to 500. While these ships can provide protection on the Fleet's line, they are limited in offensive capability and are generally used for special missions such as supply and medical facilities.

Cruisers: A combat vessel, primarily engaged in fighting and are heavily armed, armored, and shielded. A cruiser carries 200 to 600 crewmembers.

Capital Ships: Largest of the combat vessels. They are used to engage battle and carry fighters. Examples include the MonCalamari battle ships, captured Imperial Star Destroyers, and Corellian Dreadnoughts. These ships carry several thousand crewmembers. This class of ship also includes carrier vessels that transport and service starfighters and other smaller vessels.

Starfighters: One or two person ships built for speed and maneuverability in space to space combat. Starfighters operate from bases or carriers. Examples of starfighters include the X and A wing Starfighter and the B and Y wing attack fighter.

The Alliance is known for customizing and refitting a wide variety of ships to add to the fleet. Due to the eclectic origin of the Alliance, we continue the tradition of utilizing varying resources.

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