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Insignia Specifics and Creation

Ground Forces personnel have Red pips on their insignia, while Fleet personnel have Blue pips.

Security, Intelligence, Support, etc. have a combination of Red and Blue, with the color of the division they work with most toward the upper right of the insignia. Fleet security would therefor have a blue pip in the upper right corner with the rest of the pips would be blue.

All insignia are worn on the left chest.

Individual divisions may have additional insignia worn with the rank insignia. Insignias from a person's home world may also be worn in addition to rank insignias.

Rank insignia are 2.5" in Width by 2" in Height silver rectangle with 5/8" (approx. 18mm) pips. They can be made from light wood (balsa), plastic, or metal (aluminum). Pips can be plastic, or acrylic mirrors (costume jewelry).

Insignia are easy and inexpensive to make. Cut back material to size, paint silver if needed, glue on pips, and finally glue on a pin back of your choice.

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