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Through the activities of the Intel division, the Alliance is kept informed of Imperial activity and locations. They are under the direction of the Alliance military, but also gather information for the Alliance civil government.

These highly trained operatives help plan raids on various Imperial holdings such as supply depots, weapons caches etc. They also play a large part in recruiting Alliance personnel.

They are responsible for the interrogation of prisoners, and the mission briefing/debriefing of Alliance members.

Another function of Intel is to decipher Imperial codes and invent break resistant Alliance codes.

Alliance Intel Goal Statement: To gather information about and to monitor the activities of foreign organizations, governments, and agencies for the purpose of determining the potential threat to the Alliance to Restore the Republic by these foreign organizations, governments, and agencies.

Alliance Intel Organization Structure

Director Assistant Director
Information Control OperationsAnalysis
Traffic MonitoringAgent ContactsMercenar
Tech.Intel GatheringSpecial OpsOther
-Interrogation Corp -

Operations SupportInternal Security
TrainingAssigned from Counter intel
Liaison Corp:
Military, Civilian, Gov't, Other
Recruiting -
Clerical -

Special Response Unit

Assistant Commander
Research DivisionOperationsAnalysis
Technical Mission CoordinatorImperial Specialist
Hard CopyAgent ContactMerc Specialist
Interrogations - Other

The Special Response Unit is a team working outside the three regular branches of Alliance Intelligence. This team handles cases that have not been solved or are not suitable for the normal chain of command. These agents have full clearance to obtain any needed information, when they require it. The special response unit is on 24/7 stand by for duty.

Bureau of Analysis

Imperial MercenaryOther
Political Desk Leadership DeskDiplomatic Desk
Naval DeskSpace Desk Corporate Desk
Military DeskGround DeskReligion Desk
Security DeskBounty Hunter Desk
Economic DeskSpecialists Desk
Tech Desk
Sith Desk

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