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The Jedi Code

There is no Emotion, There is Peace
There is no Ignorance, There is Knowledge
There is no Passion, There is Serenity
There is no Death, There is the Force

A Jedi never uses the force for attack, only for defence. The Force can only be used for a Jedi to defend him/herself or others, but never to attack. To attack is to give into the dark side of the force, and once you tread along this path of destruction, anger and fear it will dominate your destiny forever.

A Jedi never kills any living thing unless it is for defence of themselves or others, all living things are equal in the force and to destroy life is to tread along the dark side of the force.

A Jedi does not fear anything, for fear is a merchant of the dark side, fear makes a person doubt their abilities and clouds their judgement a Jedi can not afford to have impaired judgment. A Jedi does not fear death, for a Jedi there is no death, there is only the force.

A Jedi uses knowledge for the good of others. A Jedi never uses knowledge to bring about any personal gain of any sort.

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