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The Jedi Council


The Jedi Council serves an in character and out of character function within the Alliance Division.

In Character the council oversees the business of the Jedi Order. The council sends representatives to both the Alliance Military and Civilian Councils, facilitates requests for assistance, and are responsible for the training of all Jedi.

Out of character the council members act as mentors for new members to the division playing Knights or Apprentices.


The Council consists of nine full voting members of either Knight or Master status. Of these nine one is the Jedi Council Leader who is a Master and has full vote.

Full voting members must be nominated by current members to become a member of the Jedi Council. When a character leaves the Council through character death, retirement, or attrition, the council leader will call for nominations.


Jedi Council meetings are generally moderated. While non Council members may sit in on the Council meeting In Character, recognition of non-Council members speaking up will be secondary to Council members. Also, only full Council members are permitted to vote in issues facing the Council.

Council meetings are held on a monthly basis, with additional meetings scheduled as necessary. Members of the Council will be required to attend at least four out of every six meetings, so that they may be kept abreast of what is happening in and out of character in the Jedi order. Those who cannot meet this requirement will be asked to reconsider their membership on the Council.

Upcoming meetings scheduled for the Jedi Council may be found at the Upcoming Events Page

Questions for the Jedi Council IC or OOC may be sent to:

Jedi Council
Character Species Position Player
Adan Caudell Arkanian Master Dana Terry
Luke Skywalker Human Master Season & Angela V.
Kalamytha Du'Sau Chalactan Master Ginna Wilcoxen
Serris Surragar Valassian Master: Telepathy Pat Betz
Alidar D'Med Intermediate Human Master Armand Banooni
Prism Nighthawk Human Master: TK Leslie Danenberger
Ricia Targen Human Knight Pat Grant
Rory Ultan Human Knight Patrick Furlong
Jossen Talvierya Humanoid Master Heather Melville
Maruko Human Knight Dora Furlong

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