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The Jedi Code
Information on interpreting the Jedi Code from various sources. A look at Morality, Meditation, Training, Fighting, Integrity, Loyalty, and more.
The Jedi and the Sith
From the unofficial SW:TPM role-playing game source book.
Description of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant
From the starwars.com databanks.
Episode II Clues in Incredible Locations? Article from theforce.net
The ziggurat-look of the Jedi temple is "derived from very early Jedi architectural styles and is (this part is cool) intended to symbolize the Padawan's path to enlightenment in the Force." Also each tower houses a council with specific responsibilities: Jedi High Council, Council of First Knowledge (apparently keepers of the ancient wisdom of past Jedi), Council of Reconciliation (no mystery there), and the Reassignment Council. The center spire is the "Jedi's most sacred place of contemplation." The Jedi also keep others from tracing the various locations of their Knights in the galaxy by scrambling the signals with something called Eradicators. In addition to functions like Healer, Pilot, Teacher, Warrior, and Mediator to the Jedi list. I guess you can now add Map Monitor.
Seven Forms of LightSaber
Since the dawn of Jedi history, seven fighting disciplines have arisen, known as the Seven Forms. The Forms represent differing styles and philosophies of combat. Each Form has its respective merits, and as seen in Attack of the Clones, all of them are still in use.

Also found here from Star Wars Galaxies

Books Timeline
A randomhouse timeline of the books. What happened when. Links to summaries of most books