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Preface to Volume 2.0

This tech manual is designed to be fun and hopefully informative for the Alliance Members of Forces of the Empire. It is not intended to infringe on any copyrights belonging to anyone. It is not meant to be 'the only source of information but much of it has been based on the West End role-playing sourcebooks as well as on the movies themselves. Some of it is ideas myself and others have come up with ourselves. If there is anything you would like to see included, please type it up and send it to me, we can send out updates to this as needed.

A special thanks goes to Seth Bonder for his inspirations and encouragement for the first edition tech manual because it led to this one, also for his typesetting on pages, 8,9,10 which have been reprinted from our first volume.

Man thanks also to Patrick Furlong for his help and inspiration. For his graphics on the insignia layout and his explanations about security in the Alliance and Ground Forces.

Thanks to all of you, who provide inspiration and encouragement, this division is meant to be a group effort.

A very special thanks and a word of "well done" to George Lucas who gave us Star Wars.

Have fun with this, I had fun.

Written by Geri Kitrell

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