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Alliance Rank System and Insignia's

The Alliance Division leader will assist and approve your characters starting rank. This is done by assessing your character, based on:

1. How long the character has served with the Alliance
2. What the character has done in the Alliance
3. How long the player has been a division member and a member of Forces of the Empire

These can either be aspects of club role-play or taken from the character's history.

Character promotions will be based on role-play that has been reported to the Division leader.

You may have your character be referred to by a title from the character's home world.

Civilian Ranks differ from world to world. Unlike the Empire, the Alliance is truly a group of aligned worlds and therefor does not have a common ranking system for civilians or royalty. Please feel free to create your home worlds political system.

The Alliance Military is Divided into Fleet (F) and Ground Forces (GF). Non-Commission officers have no insignia. All fighter Pilots use Fleet rank insignia's unless otherwise noted.

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Security, Intelligence, Supply, etc use Ground Forces rank system.

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