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Security Divisions

Security Police: Responsible for security of bases, ships, and personal. They are also responsible for law enforcement and prisoners.

Insystem Security: Responsible for security of bases and other planet side installations. Also responsible for law enforcement on those installations.

Fleet _Security: Responsible for security of fleet vessels and space stations. Also responsible for law enforcement on those vessels.

Criminal Investigations Section: (CIS) Responsible for the investigation of all crimes committed on installations or vessels.

Forensic Section: Part of CIS responsible for scientific investigation of evidence of all crimes committed on installations or vessels.

Support Group: (TSG) A special unit trained to deal with civil unrest and other such large disturbances. Used to assist Security force when demands on such force are too great.

P.O.W. Section: Responsible for the care of prisoners and prisons. Prisoners can be military prisoners or internal criminal. Systems Engineering Section - Responsible for the instillation and maintenance of all security systems in installations and vessels. Special Response Team - (SRT) A semiautonomous part of the Security Police, trained in tactical response to any extraordinary situation that arises, hostages, terrorism, etc.

Special Security Services: (S3) Responsible for the protection of individual persons of importance.

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