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Alliance Uniforms

The Alliance doesn't have a lot of money to spend on uniforms. Supply has tried to standardize the basics somewhat but has not been entirely successful. Many Alliance fighters wear a ragtag assortment of uniforms and in some cases no "real" uniform at all. Many units who do have "issued" uniforms have modified them to suit the personality other unit.

Remember--The Alliance uses what is available.

There are basic military clothes that can be used or, if you prefer, maybe your character insists on wearing the clothing native to his/her home world.

There are no patterns for STAR WARS uniforms. Many of the basics can be found in military surplus stores and there are ways to modify patterns found in fabric stores.

Look for these in surplus stores: Fatigue pants, flight suits, coveralls, jumpsuits, camouflage gear, boots, utility belts. Occasionally, if you are very lucky, you can find helmets you can modify. Lab coat's can be found in uniform supply stores.

Basic pants and unlined safari-style jackets can be modified to look like Luke's fatigues (yes, the ones he wore on Dagobah in TESB). You will have to add patch pockets with naps.

Also, thrift store often have things you cause. Be creative--the Alliance isn't as picky with uniforms as the Empire.

Flight helmets might be available through aviation supply stores (they might also have flight suits) or military surplus stores; call around.

Boots can be purchased at saddlery/tack stores. English leather boots look nicest but the rubber and PVC versions work as well and are less expensive.

(Watch and rewatch the STAR WARS movies--use those uniforms as a guideline, but you may have fun and be creative.)

Basic types of uniforms:

Fighter Pilot: While on flight duty, would wear Right suit and either wear or carry helmet (or might leave same in ship): when not on duty, fatigues (color and style would depend on what Supply could scrounge up).

Other Fleet personnel: Fatigues would be common. Possibly fatigue pants, "Corellian" style vest, plain shirt.

Ground Commando: fatigue pants and shirt, utility belt, vest (optional), camouflage poncho (optional); possibly entire uniform would be camou8age.

Medical: White lab coat over civilian clothes or fatigues.

Technical: basic long- or short-sleeve jumpsuit or coverall (sleeve length would depend partially on ones duty station).

Intel/Security: Brown slacks, with black stripes on side and brown uniform shirt.

Colors: Drabs would be best. Tan, brown, black, camouflage in any of the combinations, greens, blues.

Ultimately, use what you wish to. The Alliance is not under same strict codes the Imperials are.

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