Colin MacDermott


Player: Patrick Furlong

Race: Corellian			Homeworld: Corell
Age: 28				Profession: Mercenary
Height: 6'2			Weight: 205lbs
Hair: Brown			Eyes: Brown

Personal Information: 

Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Name: None
Children: None

Mother: Janet O'Donall
Father: Thomas MacDermott

Education: Corell Basic
	   Corell Military Academy

Force Training: No
Masters Name: None
07 or Dark: N/A

Military History:

Rank: Master Sergeant
Status: Resigned
Army: Corellian Military Service
Branch: Ground Forces 

Psychological Description

IQ: Normal

Fears: Mild Fear of Space Travel, Tendancy to Overdo his drinking. 

Temperament: Disciplined, Self-Assured. 

Likes: Servicing in a military unit. Discipline. Excitement. 

Dislikes: Chaos. Someone not willing to fight for their beliefs.  

Pet Peeves: Undisciplined People. Know-it-all's. Closed Mindedness. Stupid
Actions by people he serves under or with. 

Goals in life: To survive and see as  much of the universe as he can. 

Special Abilities: Marksman, Weapons Smith, Demolitions. 

Personal History: 

Colin and his Brother, Malcolm, were born on Corell twenty eight
years ago. Brought up in a poor but respectable family, the pair, at
sixteen, enrolled in the Correl military service academy.  Colin
graduated number five in his class overall and first in small unit
tactics. He went on to serve for five years in the Corellian military
service, where he rose to the rank of Master Sergeant and was awarded
several honours.

At twenty two Colin resigned his commission feeling that there was no
point in staying on Corell. He had a craving to see more of the universe 
and experience as much as he could. 

He left Corell to make his way as a professional soldier[mercenary]. He
served in several armed forces including, Yavin, Bespin, Tunc, and
several rim territories. 

He lost some of the enthusiasm to see the universe, but only some. He
continues to serve under contract to various worlds and organizations. 

Favorite Color: Gray
Drink: Corellian Whiskey
Pasttimes: Training
Food: Steak
Hobbies: Tactical Simulations, Cos Ball

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