Corporate Sector; Mercenary

Player: Patrick Furlong

Homeworld: Unknown
Profession: Mercenary

Physical Description 

Race: Human? 		Age: Appears to be about 25
Hair: Black		Eyes: Blue-Black
Height: 6'2		Weight: 200lbs

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Education: Unknown
Employment History: Electronic control system designer 

Psychological Description:

IQ: Genius

Fears: Spiders and Vampires

Temperament: Sardonic, Machiavellian, cool and calculating.

Likes: Making money just for the sake of making it, control. 

Dislikes: Goody goodies.

Pet Peeves: Those who won't use an advantage they have. 

Goals in Life: To make money and gain discreet power. 

Special Abillities: KNowledge of Engineering and Electronics. electronic
control systemsi (e.g. security or navigaiton controls) Seems to have a
strong personality and great influence over people.  

Personal History

Fixer appeared on the market several years ago, and began sellig very
advanced electronic technology to whoever could pay his prices.

What his history was before he appeared on the market, no one seems to

Through his enterprise he has already amassed a great deal of credit and
is said to be one of the richest men in the outer territories. Despite
repeated efforts, no one has been able to get any operatives near him or
his organization. In fact very few people even know what he looks like.

It has been alleged that he is involved in several different illegal
actions, including, but not limited to, murder for hire, drug running,
and piracy, but there has not been any proof. 

He is currently selling various technologies under the company name
Sidrat Enterprises. 

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