Forces of the Empire - Persona Bio

Name: Kylie Renoren

Player: Valerie Meachum Kessler

Physical Description:

Age: 29
Race: Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125 lb.
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Other:  Usually perceived to be several years younger than her actual age

Current Status:

Current Job: Jedi Apprentice

Special Abilities:

-knack for stealth
-Basic First Aid training

Personal Information:

Homeworld: born on Coruscant, raised on Rinlar

Marital Status: Single
Spouse's name: N/A
Children: None

Father's Name: Jate Renoren
Race: Human
Homeworld:  Alderaan
Background:  former Jedi Knight, miner; deceased

Mother's Name:  Shalla (Varee) Renoren
Race: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Background:  Healer at Jedi Temple; deceased

-Primary/secondary school for Blue Star Mine employee dependents, through
age 16 (did not graduate)
-Basic training, Rebel Alliance

Force Training:
-taught non-fighting aspects by father through age 16
-Jedi training, 8905-9306, resumed 9905

Master:  Luke Skywalker
Light or Dark: Light

Employment History:

-Rebel Alliance general forces, 8609-8905
-Jedi Apprentice, 8905-9306
-Transient status/various menial occupations, 9306-9905
-Jedi Apprentice, 9905 - present

Psychological Description:

IQ: High
Temperament:  Focused.  Outwardly calm and rational.  Passionately
dedicated to her Jedi heritage, partly in compensation for deep-rooted
survivor guilt.  Believes negative emotions should be faced, named,
acknowledged and worked past; and that this gives more stable control than
denying their existence.
Fears:  Threats to the new Jedi order, which she considers her family.
Likes:  Sunshine, being alone in a natural environment, children
Dislikes:  Cities,  snap judgments, being dismissed because she doesn't
look her age
Pet Peeves: Wet socks
Goals in Life:  Becoming a full Jedi, learning all she can and contributing
to the knowledge of the order


Color: Green
Pastime:  Reading
Hobbies:  Dance, gardening
Food:  Whatever you put in front of her
Drink:   Hot chocolate

Personal History:

Kylie Renoren was born in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant at exactly the wrong
point in history, a circumstance that continues to dominate her life.

Kylie was the youngest of three children; her father, Jate, retired from
active service and became an instructor to pre-apprentice Temple students
after the difficult birth of eldest son Bran.  A second son, Kres, was born
two year later, and Kylie followed three years after that.  By this time,
the purges were underway.  Jate continued to teach, but had moved his
family into hiding--a move that backfired when he returned one day to find
their residence destroyed, and 15-month-old Kylie the sole survivor.

Fleeing with the child to the Outer Rim, he eventually settled on Rinlar,
where Kylie grew up just another worker's kid in the company town of a
small-time mining operation.  [If Rinlar were in the movies, they'd shoot
it in the hills of Wales in February.]  Her father taught her about the
spiritual and philosophical aspects of the ways of the Force, believing
that it was dangerous for a Force-gifted child to go entirely untrained.
He taught her about Jedi traditions as the history they had by now become,
and hoped that steering clear of the fighting and related skills of a Jedi
would be enough to keep them from coming to the attention of the Empire.

It wasn't.  A mine accident forced Jate to reveal his Jedi abilities to
save several coworkers; word got to the wrong ears, and not long after that
a squad of Stormtroopers arrived to annihilate the Blue Star Mine
settlement.  Kylie was once again (to her knowledge) the sole survivor; her
father put his lightsaber in her hand and bought her escape opportunity
with his own life.  Chance, or the Force, led her to stow away on an ore
transport bound for a Rebel Alliance base, where she signed on to go
wherever they could use her.

During her 2 1/2 years in the regular Alliance forces, Kylie's talent for
stealth earned her the nickname "Shadow" and was frequently employed in
intelligence-gathering missions, and she was promoted to the rank of
Lieutenant.  Then she came to the attention of Luke Skywalker, and began
training under him to become a Jedi.  Nearing the completion of her
training, she was on a mission at Port Lansing when she was captured by the
Sith and taken before the Emperor.

The Emperor used her fears and guilt in an attempt to turn her to the Dark
Side.  Instead of lashing out, though, Kylie dissociated, retreating to a
distant corner of her mind while a 4-year-old version of herself took over.
She was rescued by a Rebel strike team, and returned to her normal persona
a short time later, with no conscious memory of the period of dissociation.
She did her best to convince everyone--particularly Skywalker--that she
was completely recovered, but the episode threw crippling doubt on her
ability to achieve her goals.

After a few weeks of trying and failing to get back to normal, she simply
got on a transport and ran away from everything and everyone she knew.
For nearly six years she tried to disappear, and largely succeeded,
drifting through a series of menial jobs on nondescript systems.  One day,
for reasons she can't adequately explain, she got on a transport to Rinlar
and returned to the ruin of her childhood home.  There she made her peace
with the past, and decided it was time to stop running.  She built her own
lightsaber, and buried her father's in the patch of ground that had been
her garden.  Then she contacted Skywalker and formally requested permission
to resume her training.

Currently Kylie is in residence at the Jedi Academy on Dagobah, working
with a renewed sense of purpose to earn her knighthood and fulfill her duty
to the people of the New Republic.



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