Kyra Lynn Matthews


Player: Dora Furlong

Race: Human
Homeworld: Ryllnor
Age: 40
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Profession: Intelligence Officer

Peronal Information:

Marital Status: Widowed (second time)
Spouse's Name: N/A
Children: Jeff Matthews 26 and Talia Matthews 22 

Mother: Quanina (Alton) Kiesgan
Biological Father: Ewan Hastur  
Father: Tarek Kiesgan

Education: Attended the Alliance Academy .

Force Training: Yes

Master's Name: Tara Alderson; Eric Daniels

Light or Dark: N/A

Military History:

Rank: Colonel
Status: Active
Army: Alliance Intelligence
Branch: Ground Forces, Intelligence, Combined Operations, then back to

IQ: Above Average
Fears: Fear of being brainwashed again and a fear of becoming like the

Temperament: Calm, does not trust easily, but will not give someone the
cold shoulder.

Likes: A successful mission against the empire. 

Dislikes: Palpatine. Having to fight for her rights and her freedom. 

Pet Peeves: Laziness, people with an apparent lack of concern for other people. 

Goals in Life: To make certain that all pepole in her charge are as well
prepared for the things they may possibly face. 

Special Abilites: Kyra's empathic abilites are only known to a few. She
is well trained in hand to hand, Demolitions, Security Systems,
Interrogations, and Codes/Cryptography. 

Personal History: 

Upon graduating from the Academy Kyra married Derek Marsdon. She then  
discovered the rebels and signed up, hoping to bring freedom back to
the galaxy. Kyra began in ground forces and worked her way up into covert.
She had no record of "rebel activities" and a good knowledge of the Empire. 

Kyra's husband also joined the Rebellion. 

Kyra spent seven months in an Imperial prison, three months in a
reeducation center, and then a year and a half as an aide to Sith Lord
Jarek Alderson. Jarek had reconditioned Kyra and given her a new name,
Julia Marie Edwards. 

During her last few months as 'Julia Marie' she met and dated Deveron Arsein-Davis. 

It was during the rescue of another rebel prisoner that 'Julia' was
overseeing the transfer of, that she was rescued and taken back to
the Alliance.

Kyra spent one year in counseling trying to overcome the 
brainwashing.  The first six months  of her return she spent on
medical leave. 

Talia was born 9 months after Kyra's rescue.  

Kyra returned to active duty under the newly formed Intelligence
Division. Beginning in Imperial Analysis, promoted to Chief of
Operations, then finally in 9405 was promoted to Director.

Two years after Kyra was rescued from the Empire, Derek was sent on a
mission and never returned.  

Jarek Alderson led a coup and took over the Imeperial throne. He was
killed by his wife Anelis Palpatine. After his death his followers placed
a bounty out for Kyra's capture. Kyra was used as a focus to reunite the
Alderson followers.   

Five years now after Derek's Death, Kyra remarried to Mark Matthews,
Major, 16th Heacy Armor Rolling Batha's unit. 

Some time later Kyra was given the position of Aide to General eric
Pendragon, the Leader of Combined Operations and head of Alliance

Kyra met up with Daravik Kotewa, an Imerpial Mercenary acting as Princess
Annelis's pilot and body guard, at Port Lasing during her first year as an aide
to General Pendragon. Daravik has  made several assasination attempts on
Kyra and seems to have sworn a vendetta against her. Kyra is not certain
how this vendetta came to exist. Her only thought is that the bar fight
the two got into must have gotten Daravik into more trouble than it did

Kyra continued to served as the general's aide until his death during a
an internal coup. Kyra knew the truth behind the coup, that the previous
high ranking officials, were not under protective custody, tehy had in
fact been killed during the coup. Kyra had resigned from the Alliance but
they still put out a warrant for her arrest, with the intent to Court
Martial her for Treason. Kyra's second husband, Jeff, was killed trying
to defend thier outpost on Langley.  

During this time Kyra made her living as a mercenary. Her children were
placed in Foster homes by Major Rose's personnel. Kyra was finally
captured by the Alderson's and taken to thier homeworld for execution. Kyra
had been seen as a loyal Alderson supporter due to her time as jarek's
aide. Tara Alderson was able to stop the execution by guaranteeing Kyra's
loyalty under a three year contract. Tara also discovered Kyra's ability
in the Force: Empathy. Kyra also learned that her own son, Jeff,
had sworn loyalty to the Alderson family. 

During the first year of the contract Kyra joined with several other
Alliance personnel and took back the Alliance command, reestablishing the

Kyra was promoted to full Colonel and made assistant Director of Combined
Operations, Assistant to General M. Branwyn who is now holding General
Pendragon's old post.  

In 99.04 Kyra was visiting an outpost when it was raided by Imperials.
Kyra was once again captured, this time by Jedi Trainee Rachel Summers.
Kyra and rachel had worked closely to overthow the Rose coup. They came
to know each other quite well. So it was a shock for her to see Rachel
serving the Empire. 

Kyra found herself in a cell in the Cairnfell residence faced by a Sith
trainee named Eric Daniels. Eric made an offer to Kyra that she could not
refuse. Kyra's status is now uncertain if she is a loyal Alliance
Operative or a true Operative of the cairnfell household.  

Eric Daniels discovered Kyra's ability with the Force and has begun to
give her guidance in the use of her empathy and ways to exapand her
abilities. Kyra appears to be nothing more than an Empath.