Forces of the Empire --- Persona Bio Created: 2000, 16 July *Revised 7/18/00

Player: Viper

Name: Lt. Colonel, (Doctor) Melora Lexor

Physical Description:

Age: 47 Race: Telosian (Human) Height: 5'5" Weight: 157

Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Dark Brown

Other Distinguishing Marks: Birthmark on right hip, triangular design, Sister has similar one on left hip. (OCC only if doctor would view, or if she had a interesting night)

Current Status: Station at Coruscant, Intelligence

(Interrogating in the main Imperial detention facility there)

Current Job: Psychologist & Interrogation (see schooling information below)

Special Abilities: Telekinesis & follows her hunches.

Personal Information: Melora left for school at the age of sixteen under pressure from parents.

Schooling: Home schooling & Academy of Talos, Transferred to Gala University Medical: Doctorate in pharmacodynamics; study of biochemical and physiological effects of drug. Psychologist; Doctorate in poisons & plants. Minored in pharmacokinetic, action of drugs in the body, & pharmacological, drug science-related.

Homeworld: Telos

Marital Status: Single

Siblings: Younger sister name of Mira

Children: None

Father's Name: Solan

Race: Telosian

Homeworld: Telos

Background: Scientist in plant and chemical warfare

Mother's Name: Luna

Race: Telosian

Homeworld: Telos

Background: Medical doctor dealing with behavior patterns as well as drug research

Force Training: Rasalvat (Sith) started her training after locating her while she was attending her second year of Medical collage. She never finished training with him. He had left on a secret mission for the Emperor. He never returned. She heard rumors that he had been killed. She continued her studies in medicine, then join the military.

Master: Rasalvat (male) Deceased.

Light or Dark: Dark

Employment History: Assisted parents in Lab, then left for college got her doctorates. Parents pushed for her enlisted into the Military.

Psychological Description:

IQ: above average

Temperament: Straightforward. Speaks mind, no nonsense, and Her Private life she never discusses. Can be cold hearted when mood hits. She does have her quiet times where she watches and observes others waiting for an opportune time to strike out.

(OCC As years passed she grew more cold hearted without contact from her family, esp sister.)

Fears: Not knowing if she'll ever see her sister or family again.

Likes: Music and seeing different planets and cultures.

Dislikes: Parents knew she had force ability and pushed her to join empire. Leaving sister behind. Parents telling her it would be safer if she didn't try to contact them.

(OCC Neither sister received any of the messages they had sent to each other. All were intercepted)

Goals in Life: Locate sister. Continually update her medical studies; excel in her training of the force and interrogations.

Favorite Color: Blue/Black

Pastime: Experimentation & research with plants and their affects on other cultures.

Hobbies: Martial arts

Drink: Ale, wine

Personal History:

Melora grew up happy, loved it when gained a little sister. As she grew older her abilities began to show. Telekinesis came easy for her. It was great fun to tease her little sister using it. The more she used it the more her control over it grew. That was her parent's greatest fear. They knew she was showing signs of force abilities. As Melora grew so did her parents fears. They used her love of science and plants to push her into going to college.

College seemed easy to her, following in her family footsteps she took up medicine. Her interests in Psychology grew; she transferred to Gala College. They had a more intense teaching faculty.

This is where she met up with Rasalvat (sith). He was charming, and lured her into his teachings. She learned fast in those two years; Rasalvat was please. She never understood why he never returned. She heard rumors he had been killed.

Melora graduated and moved into the military: where she was placed into intelligence. As the years passed she moved up and learned.

Now she works in Medical and assists in interrogations.

(OCC she has NEVER discussed her private life with anyone.)


Real name: Vickie Swanson aka LadyViper Email: