Name: Mira Lexor Player: Ginna Wilcoxen

(Magellan married name)

Physical Description

Race: Telosian (human) Homeworld: Telos

Age: 41 Profession: Intelligence

Height: 5'8" Weight: 175

Hair: Auburn Eyes: Green

Current Position: Refugee, working with the Alliance .

Former Position: Commander in Imperial Fleet Intelligence. Assigned to the Sovereign Fleet (now considered dead)

Personal Information

Marital Status: Widowed

Spouse's name: Tate Magellan (deceased)

Children: n/a

Mother: Luna

Father: Solan

Siblings: Older sister name of Melora (discovered before through papers of her parents, that they aren't really sisters, raised that way but with the experimentation that was done they are more like cousins that is how much DNA manipulation has been done)

Education: Medical school University of Telos then finished her education at Xanatos Medical. Also home training with parents. Received a dual doctorate in pharmacodynamics ( study of biochemical and physiological effects of drugs) and pharmacokinetic (study of drugs in the body) As well as DNA research and experimentation



Force Training: n/a Military History:

Master's Name: Rank: Commander

Light or Dark: Status: Considered dead

Army: Imperial/Empire

Branch: Intelligence/Interrogator


Psychological Description

IQ: above average, has photographic memory

Fears: fears being discovered to be alive and returned to the Empire and betraying those who risked their lives to give her another chance at freedom

Special Abilities: Poisons, biology, manufacturing drugs and drug use on the body and mind

Temperament: Ability to listen and win people's confidence and have them relax around her. She knows plants and how to make use of them for healing and or poison. Not a big talker, but joins in easily. Quiet and self-contained mixed in with people easily. Some or her fellow officers would consider her standoffish at times, but she becomes very open and jolly when her job calls for it.

Likes: Music and studying plants, learning about computers.

Dislikes: Realizing all the damage and pain she has caused in her time with the Empire.

Pet Peeves: n/a

Goals in Life:  To try to make amends for what she has done, and to
give as much information to the Alliance as she can before she's
discovered to be alive and returned to the Empire or killed.


Favorite Color: Black Drink: Ale as well other types of liquor, fruit juices

Pastime: Botany, Reading, research and using computers Food: All kinds likes new experiences

Hobbies: her work and talking with her handlers, learning to



Personal History:

Employment History:

10 years working with Unify labs developing poisons and mutating plants.

8 years with Imperial Fleet working way up Intelligence.

Enjoyed spending time with her sister Melora and helping her parents out with their work. Was upset when sister left at the age of 16 to go to college, parents wouldn't tell her where she went after college. Tried sending transmissions when Mira discovered Melora went into the military no answers were ever received.

Continued with her education and graduated with high honors. When to work for the Unify Corporation upon graduation and worked for them for 10 years, met her husband there and continued to work with him developing poisons and how certain drugs worked on the body of many species. Also worked with plants and how to make them effective weapons, success in turning some into carnivorous plants.

Parents were killed in explosion during one of their experiments. Mira was devastated and angry when Melora didn't show for the funeral or even send a transmission.

Husband, Tate was killed during an attack by the Alliance. Mira was nearly killed herself, she did lose her unborn child in the attack. After she recovered, Mira joined the Military and worked her way quickly into intelligence by gathering information on known sympathizers to the Alliance. Earned her rank of Lt. and can be found in local bars listening and hanging around mercenaries for any information she can glean from them. She relays on her ability to use poison more than her skill in a weapon like a blaster.

Vows to makes the Alliance pay for the death of her husband and unborn child, and vows she'll find her sister and find out why she left.

After finding a shuttle floating in space and under her Captain's orders. Mira began to interrogate the woman they found on board. And discovered after many frustrating hours that she was to be a gift to Emperor Palpatine. Presented her at his throne room (media west 2001) and received a promotion to Captain for that action. Before she left Port Lansing approached the Emperor to leave her rank as Commander. During this time met a person named Lt. Colonel Lexor but did not have enough time to talk to her because of Rebel activity on the station at the time.

After receiving files that belonged to her parents, discovered that her sister had been experimented upon to make sure she survived, they are sisters in name only.

As well as discovering family name had been changed to Lexor. Father had done DNA experimentation from DNA they had stored at their labs. Mira has tried to contact her sister to see if she had knowledge of this and if she didn't to see if there are side effects from this experimentation so far no contact has been made.

Contacted a Major Lexor and discovered that she was her long lost sister. Received information on deterioration of DNA on frozen subjects.

By following notes that her parents left resurrected the frozen body of Xanatos DuCruet the first apprentice of Qui-Gon Jinn. In bringing Xanatos back to life there was some damage to his cells. Mira discovered that if she uses the blood from force users she is able to develop a serum that helps repair and restore his damaged cells. Using the force Xanatos has encouraged Mira to resign her position in the Imperial Fleet to become his personal assistant and private scientist. She has taken on the duties of Xanatos labs and OWPR (Off World Power Restructures.) full time.

Tara Alderson put a bounty of 100,000 credit out for Mira's death. Discovered that the events on Arridor had made her a criminal setting both Empire and Alliance hunting for her. Mira turned herself in at Port Lansing and accepted her death.

Was taken from the Steele household on Coruscant by the Alliance and held true to her loyalty to the Empire, accepted that she would be tried and executed. Even allowed herself to be poisoned so that she would not betray the Empire or Xanatos.

While she was plotting a way to escape, was taken to see Talia Matthews who faked Mira's death to give her a second chance. This death has now put the Empire and the Alliance at the brink of a new war. Mira is now helping the Alliance in anyway she can. Though Mira is adjusting to a new way of life, she still believes she only has a short amount of time before she is discovered alive and returned to her former way of life or killed.

Location unknown …….