Octavia Jinn-Kyrsk


Player: Ginna Wilcoxen

Physical Description

Race: Humanoid Homeworld: Malastare
Age: 29 Profession: Jedi Student
Height: 5'8" Weight: 165
Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown

Other Distinguishing Marks: missing wedding ring finger (was cut off while she was held prisoner by Darana Cairnfell, Diamond and Sprite) wears wedding ring on the 2nd finger of that hand.

Personal Information

Marital Status: Married
Spouse's name: Tor Kyrsk
Children: Alais (Tor's niece, adopted)
Siblings: None, had a brother who was killed by Victoria
Niece: Victoria Syn (now adopted daughter of Tara Alderson>

Mother: Me'a Syn (location unknown)
Race: Human
Homeworld: Roona
Background: Instructor in language and Engineering

Father: Wai-Cha (Stratus) Jinn (son of Qui-Gon Jinn) deceased.
Race: Human
Homeworld: Malastare
Background: Jedi (his father was Qui-Gon Jinn)

Grandfather: Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Master
Grandmother: Tahl Jedi Master


Education: self trained on the streets and from the crew of the Electra, home training and education from her father.

Force Training: 8 years from her father before he left and was then reported dead.
Has been training at the Skywalker academy now for three years. Left the Jedi Order and became the Aide to Xanatos Du'Cruet. He has since taken up her training.
Master's Name: Skywalker while she was with the Jedi - Now being trained by Xanatos Du'Cruet
Light or Dark: Light totally. (even though Xanatos is a fallen Jedi and Dark, Octavia is light)
Military History: N/A

Employment History:

Served 11 years with Captain Rocasy (Roc) on board the Electra. All her salary has been put into a trust which she can get it when she needs it.


Psychological Description

IQ: Above Average
Fears: That her family will be used against her and that she will fail in her duties to her new homeworld Telos. She still cares for Medenna a one time fellow Jedi student and she fears she will be hurt or used against her. The safety of her niece and the inability to live up to what she learned with her abilities. Has no desire to turn to the dark side and will die first.

Special Abilities: Can sense danger to herself and people she's around. Knows when the engines are in need of repair before the computers can diagnose it. She is good in linguistics as well as persuading people to see her point of view when she is bargaining for parts.

Temperament: quiet and self-contained. Keeps to herself, people see her point of view when she gets upset or angry.

Likes: Music and seeing different planets and cultures.

Dislikes: not knowing why her mother deserted her. Having to let her niece go to follow her path. Feeling like she has to live up to Qui-Gon's legend and will fall short.

Pet Peeves: Having friends and those close to her being used against her.

Goals in Life: Her one time goal to be knighted as a Jedi Knight is now behind. She now looks a head to be the best person she can and a good mother to her child and the Alais who she and Tor adopted.

Favorite Color: midnight blue Drink: Juices
Pastime: Reading, research, training practicing Jedi techniques. Food: Cinnamon Rolls
Hobbies: Learning about her grandfather's lightsaber, fighting and meditation in the force to improve her abilities.


Personal History:

Octavia was born on Malastare and was trained against her mother's wishes to know about the force and her own possible abilities. Father left when she was eight years old and was gone for two years. At the age of 8 Octavia learned her father was dead via her mother. Me'a Syn took Octavia to Myrkyr, and raised her there for two years, before she left Octavia alone. Me'a Syn couldn't take seeing the force starting to develop in Octavia and didn't want to go through any more trouble, had enough with Wai-Cha, deserted Octavia at the age of 10.

In the two years Octavia was with her mother, Me'a constantly reminded her that the force was a bunch of myth and trickery. Me'a made sure Octavia was kept in the areas where the force was unable to be used or sensed. Octavia came to believe her mother after a while and felt somewhat betrayed by her father and his teaching.

Octavia did miscellaneous jobs and stayed out of trouble for three years; until she made a mistake in diagnosing a ships engine problem and was set to be sold as a slave. Right before she ended up in slavery was rescued by S'Lara and introduced to Rocasy and became his engineer. Never paid too much attention to all the hoopla between the Empire and the New Republic.

She practiced with her grandfather's lightsaber and used it as her main weapon when she has to, likes cloaks and watching people from a distance. She doesn't remember everything her father taught her, and when she does things through the force she is taken by surprise.

Octavia doesn't trust people easily because of being left by her mother, and somehow believes it's because of her father that her mother left.

Octavia has just recently discovered that her grandfather was Qui-Gon Jinn the Jedi Master a Jedi student named Rachel told her this. Finding this hard to believe Octavia did a lot of thinking before she left the Electria and decided to find out what direction her life should take. She is concerned by the dreams she still has and from what Rachel has told her its because of her saber --- it is the only connection to her father and her grandfather.

While on Port Lansing discovered Victoria Syn when she tried to pick-pocket her. Victoria then told her that she had been watching her and that she is her niece. Octavia took the girl in, though there is an unsteady trust between the two. Octavia doesn't fully believe her, but will not turn her out in the cold.

Octavia then grew in the force and its knowledge when on her way to Yavin; the transport she was on with Jerella and Luke Skywalker was high-jacked and they were forced to take part in the gladiatorial games. Where she was forced to kill her opponent.

After they were rescued by the Alliance, Octavia began her training with Luke Skywalker (Season Irwin on line) in the course of the training memories of her earlier training with her father are coming forward which make her new duties easy in some areas.

Has recently made friends with Alida D'med the Jedi master from the past, and has found that a fellow Jedi student named Medenna LaRose has endeared herself to her.

Octavia has made some powerful enemies in her short time with the Jedi. The newest one is one Xanatos DuCruet, recently resurrected from the dead by his descendant Mira Lexor.

Has seemed to make an uneasy peace with her niece Victoria Alderson.

Captured on Telos and turned over to Vader and taken to the Empire, stayed there until she was given to Xanatos Du'Cruet as a wedding gift. After spending time with him and watching she has requested to stay on as his aide. With the promise of when the time was right he would return her to the Jedi so she could complete her studies. She agreed and continues her studies there on Telos.

Upon seeing the Jedi Council for the last time asked for citizenship from Xanatos Du'Cruet.

On her way back to Arridor after Darana attacked Arridor because of the possible presence of the Jedi. Her ship was attacked and she was taken captive. She was tortured by Sprite and Diamond. And Sprite cut off her wedding ring finger and shipped it back to Telos with a ransom demand for her safe return.

Rescued by Tara's family Octavia was returned to Telos, and stayed there recovering while still undergoing training from Xanatos.

Is now married to Tor Krysk and lives on Arridor as a Telosian representative answerable to Governor Zelek of Arridor.

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