Name: Aella Skott Player: Ginna Wilcoxen

Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Daan
Age: 42 Profession: Computer wiz and hacker
Height: 5'8 Weight: 175
Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown

Current Position: Alliance Intel, Decoder (evesdropper)

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single
Spouse's name:

Mother: Jess
Father: Ry'del

Education: Computer Science from the university on Daan

Force Training: Yes Military History:

Master's Name: None Rank: Lieutenant
Light or Dark: Light (Healing Only) Status: Active
Army: Alliance
Branch: Intel

Psychological Description

IQ: Above Average, photographic memory

Fears: That the Empire will over throw the Allaince

Special Abilities: Force Healing, has a knack for decoding Codes, (Imperial and Alliance) Unusual ways to improve computer security as well as Photographic Memory both verbal and written

Temperament: Usually even but can become intense under certain situations.

Likes: Music and computers

Dislikes: People on power trips

Pet Peeves: people who follow orders blindly.

Goals in Life: To succeed in her career and to help the Alliance in any way she can

Favorite Color: Red Drink: Tea Food: All
Pastime: Breaking Imperial Codes and making Alliance computers safe from virus' or hackers. Mediation and reading
Hobbies: Chess, Breaking code.


Personal History:


Joined the Alliance knowing they needed help to keep the fires of freedom going. Even though her world of Daan is a neutral planet, she knows that they will have to make a stand soon.

Was able to break the codes to Darana's household and for a time was monitoring their transmissions. Was discovered and interrogated and without Aella's knowledge she now hands over anything she hears or picks up to the household. Even though the household has now been disbanded, Aella covers her tracks and still sends transmissions, unknowingly. (Rook, now monitors and receives this information)

While on vacation she discovered that something had been attacking the outer rim worlds and discovered that her parents had fallen victim to what had been dubbed as the Planet Killer. It was while on this assignment she became a prisoner of Darana and reprogrammed to inform Darana of Alliance goings on.

Aella has since discovered a slight strange transmission from within the Alliance, but can't track it down.

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