Player: Dora Furlong
Age 17
Race: HUman
Hair: Short, Dark Blond
Eyes: Green

Parents: Unknown

Temperament: Rebellius against authority, Impatient, and Curious. 

LIkes: Learning and discovering things.

Dislikes: Being told what to do and others making decisions about her
life for her.

History: Tina was born on the rim. Her parents were killed when she was
very young. SHe then wandered the streets and learned how to survive on
her own. She has no formal education ut is very good with mechanical and
eletrical things. Tina spent most of her ealry teenage years in and out
of Imperial and rebel cells. Finally she was caught by
the Alliance and held for stealing. SHe got into an argument with one of
the guards and almost killed the guard with a massive burst of TK.  

The Alliance judge remanded Tina into Luke's custody until age 22. Tina
studied with Luke for three years, was very close to becoming a Jedi
Knight, until wshe was captured by Anelis during an Imperial raid on
Yavin. Tina almost died refusing to follow orders and was finally
assigned directly to Anelis's staff. She worked for Anelis for one year
and was then turned over to Avon to be trained as a Sith. 

Tina has been training with Avon for one year. 

She is very curious about her parents who they were and why were they
killed. Tina has discovered that she was repsonsible for thier deaths.
Imeprial hunters had come for the two Jedi and in a moment of panic
during th eattack Tina's TK manifested itself protecting her but killing
all others present in the room. Including her parents. She then repressed
the memories until they were recently brought out during her training. 

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