Name: Alaric Corbin Alastair Player: Geri Kittrell

Physical Description

Race: human Homeworld: Was born and raised on his father’s ship. He has recently bought an estate on the Imperial held Rim Territory of Balbriggan

Age: late 30’s Profession: Privateer,

Height: tall Weight: slender

Hair: Black, worn long Eyes: dark green

Current Position: owner and captain of the ship, the Morrigan's Rogue. He carries Letters of Marque from the Emperor

Personal Information

Marital Status: married

Spouse's name: Sorcha

Children: none that he knows of

Mother: Eevaine, deceased

Father: Morgan Alastair, deceased


Education: informal, shipboard


Force Training: none Military History:

Master's Name: Rank:

Light or Dark: Status:




Psychological Description

IQ: High

Fears: loss of his ship and lifestyle, being confined planet-side or in brig

Special Abilities: marksmanship, piloting and navigating —he excels at these

Temperament: Usually soft spoken, he is deceptively well mannered and charming. Flirts with the women, mildly arrogant. He is known to have aristocratic tastes and keeps himself and clothing immaculately clean.


Likes: the finer things in life

Dislikes: brigs

Pet Peeves: being called a pirate

Goals in Life: to be the best privateer in the galaxy

Favorite Color: black and gold Drink: well aged Corellian Brandy, and Corellian

dark ale

Pastime: relaxing with his wife in the seclusion of their cabin Food: good, hot and fresh meals, he detests ship




Personal History:

Alaric is not sympathetic to the alliance. He is loyal to the Emperor and proudly carries theLetters of Marque from His Majesty. He is not interested in politics except those used to acquire Letters of Marque. He is very well armed, carries daggers in boots, in one sleeve and he wears an elaborately hilted dagger in a plain worn scabbard across the small of his back

The Emperor has recently named him Duke of Baratar. Alaric had recently purchased a huge manorial estate and the private peninsula of Baratar in the Balbriggan system, and now he is a titled Duke even if only of his own holdings.

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