Alida Reineach

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Player: Dana Terry

Physical Description

Race:                     Undetermined - a possible mixture of long-lived races
Homeworld:                Also unknown...left at the Temple on Coruscant    
Age:                     77, appears to be mid to late 30s
Profession:              Aide to Lord Xanatos Du'Cruet 

Height:                   1.6 meters
Weight:                   50 kilos     
Hair:                     Dark Brown
Eyes:                     Brown
Other:                   Cross hatch of scars on lower right side of

Personal Information
Marital Status:          Married 
Spouse's Name:           Everard Reineach 
Children:                Currently Pregnant 
Mother:                   Unknown
Father:                   Unknown
Siblings: 		 Alidar D'med

Education:                Jedi Temple, Old Republic

Force Training:           Yes
Master's Name:            Aaro Koya
Light or Dark:            Light

Psychological Description
IQ:                       Above Average
Fears:                    There is no fear.
Temperament:              Even
Pet Peeves:  
Goals in Life:           Determined to assist in bringing down the Emperor
Favorite Color:              
Pasttimes:               Meditation, lightsaber velocities, exercise 

Military History
Rank:                     N/A
Status:                   N/A
Army:                     N/A
Branch:                   N/A

Special Abilities: Post-cognitive ability, some skill in battle

Personal History:

Left at the Temple at less than one year old, she was
discovered to be Force-sensitive.  Taken as a Padawan
at the age of 11 by Master Aaro Koya, she was Knighted
at the age of 22.

Shortly after her Knighting, Master Aaro sent Alida
into hiding, believing that a great darkness was about
to fall upon the Jedi. Aaro's daughter had married a
Corellian smuggler, Klen Daroa, and he had Alida hide
with them for a few years, until her identity was
firmly established.  Once that was accomplished, she
went on her own.  After almost a decade of hiding in
this manner, the day came when her fellow Jedi were
cut down during the Purge.

After quite a few years had passed, Alida came across a
Force-sensitive child and convinced the parents to allow her to take
the child to train.  She took Togin with her and went to Almas, where
a Jedi Academy had once stood.  Hiding on the other side of the
planet, building shields around them, she trained Togin Conpeq to
Knighthood.  Shortly after, Togin left Almas with the Daroas, hoping
to find another child to train, in order to help the Jedi Order

Each year, the Daroas ran supplies to D'med.  About 17
years before the current time, they were fired upon by
Imperials and made a crash landing on Almas.  Neither
Klen nor his wife, Janela, survived, but the infant
who was with them did.  Alida was surprised to find
that the child was also Force-sensitive, and she took
her to raise as an initiate and then as a Padawan.

A small shuttlecraft had been found within the
deserted city of Forad and Alida moved it to her base
on the other side of the planet.  When the Force told
her that the time was right, she packed up the child,
Kaliandra Daroa, their few belongings, and rejoined a
galaxy torn apart by war.

Alida's exact heritage is uncertain, but Temple
Healers believed that she was a member of one of the
longer lived humanoid races, possibly even a mixture
of at least two of them.

Leadership of the Jedi Council passed to Alida after
Master Rionni's death at the hands of Xanatos

When Du'Cruet appeared on Yavin to speak with the Council regarding
Master Rionni's death, Alida swore, upon her life, the safety of the
Telosian and Shardakourian parties.  Rogue Jedi attacked, injuring
members of those parties, thereby forfeiting Alida's life.  She went
to Tara Alderson, fully expecting death, but her life was instead
claimed.  She left the Jedi Order, her life and loyalty now given to
the crown of Shardakour.  (late Nov. 2002)

She has settled into this new life and is now pregnant
with a child by Everard, a Telosian guard.