Allyn "The Leviathan" Wingates



[Allyn Wingates]

Full Name: Allyson Elizabeth Wingates

Player: Courtney Kraft


Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Coruscant

Age: 26 Profession: Leader of Imperial Force-null special operations team

Height: 5’4" Weight: 130 lbs.

Hair: Brown Eyes: Green

Other distinguishing marks: Wears glasses, scar on right knee

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's name: N/A

Children: N/A

Mother: Ingrid Livingston Wingates

Father: Sir Nathan Wingates

Siblings: Elder sister, Nadia Wingates Fairchild; younger sister, Celes Wingates

Education: Imperial Academy, Major: Psychology. Two years of Imperial Command school.


Military History:

Force Training: None Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Status: Active

Master's Name: N/A Army: Imperial

Light or Dark: N/A Branch: Special Operations


Psychological Description

IQ: High

Fears: Physical restraints (known to cause panic attacks)

Special Abilities: Force-null, interrogation

Temperament: Commands attention and respect. Intimidating. Snobby. Known to become violent when angered. Tends to keep to herself.

Likes: Horror novels, billiards, clove cigarettes, dogs

Dislikes: Repeating herself, children, strangers touching her

Pet Peeves: Spreading rumors, her own natural klutziness

Goals in Life: To earn and command respect from those around her. Tolerance for issues on human sexual preferences. To break down the boundaries between men and women in the Imperial military.


Color: Green Drink: Scotch

Pastime: Smoking, music appreciation Food: Chocolate

Hobbies: Piano, billiards, collecting antiques




Personal History

Born "Allyson" Elizabeth Wingates to the noble Wingates household on Coruscant, Allyn lived a privileged life of wealth and status. She attended the Barnett School for Girls from ages six till eighteen. Allyn didn’t have many friends. She focused on her studies, but was often ridiculed for her klutziness and geeky appearance.

Much to the dismay of her parents, Allyn was determined not to simply be married off to another noble. Allyn attended the Imperial Academy on Coruscant for four years and majored in psychology. There, she trained her interrogation techniques and planned for a life as a professional interrogator. Socially, Allyn faced the same issues as in elementary school, but worse. Noticing her lack of dating and fashion sense, her own roommates started spreading rumors questioning Allyn’s sexual preferences.

For no known reason, Allyn suddenly decided to turn her life around in her second year at the Academy. She chose to use her androgynous nature to her advantage. In her studies and observations, she learned about the imbalance between men and women in Imperial society. With this knowledge, she adapted a more masculine personality, then re-registered her name from "Allyson" to "Allyn."

After graduating from the Academy, Allyn decided to attend command school, driven to prove that her gender didn’t matter in her ability to lead others. She enjoyed the power to order those who would otherwise ridicule her. She insisted that she be addressed as "sir" and commanded with such ferocity that the rumors that haunted her all her life still wouldn’t cease, but this time, she was in control.

The Leviathan Incident

At 24, Allyn was on assignment with several troops on Seyruun, searching for a defecting officer. The officer had fled to Seyruun, a politically neutral planet, to locate a group of rebels. These rebels, though not Alliance members, offered to take him to an Alliance base off world and pass on any information he could provide.

The mission’s captain and several soldiers located the rebels’ hideout and discovered that the rebels planned to leave by shuttle within the hour. The soldiers raided the base, but were surprised by a trap and killed in an explosion. Allyn was left alone to command the remaining troops stationed a mile away.

With no faster land transportation, Allyn led the troops on foot towards the base, but soon found herself trapped at the top of a dam. The time limit prevented their progression to continue via repelling down the dam or taking another route. Allyn decided to utilize the troops’ firepower and destroyed a section of the dam. The water flooded not only the rebel hideout, but also a large portion of the city below, killing thousands. The incident earned Allyn the nickname "The Leviathan."

The Force-null Squad


Shortly after the Leviathan incident, Allyn was called before the Emperor. Allyn knew this was going to be the end of her career, possibly her life. (Opt. Allyn was to be commended for having the bravery to sacrifice the lives of others to prevent the defective officer and his information from getting to the Alliance) When Allyn presented herself before him, His Majesty noticed that she was Force-null, a genetic quality she did not realize she had.

The Emperor ordered her to search for other Force-nulls to form a small squad for covert special missions. These missions would include observation, apprehension, interrogation, and assassination of Jedi; as well as a check system for the Sith. (OOC: The Force-null team is not listed in any Imperial records. Except to the Emperor, it does not exist.)

Allyn went right to work with the assistance of a Sith (random Sith X). She quickly found Fredriche Berkhart, who became her right hand man. Over the course of two years, Allyn researched and discovered many Force-null subjects. Many of them disappeared, never to be seen again. She has added a few more members to the squad.

Allyn spends most of her time in her office on Coruscant or off world performing field research. Her research has resulted in two filing cabinets filled with profiles on anyone she can possibly learn about. The Force-null squad has recently completed training and awaits activation.


"Why do I smoke and drink and swear? To piss off my mother, of course."

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