Anastazya Rowan


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Military: Lieutenant, Pilot in the Imperial Navy

OFFICIAL History, as known by the Imperials  

Born to mother:  Anastazya Rowan, Captain, Pilot, Imperial Navy, who
died giving birth to her.  Father  listed as "unknown".  Raised by a
wealthy childless imperial family on ((insert planet name)) until
they died in a rebel attack, and she was sent, at 16 years old, to
the academy where she started early on her training to be an imperial
officer and pilot.

She spent 8 years there, getting three degrees and specialized pilot
training on various navial craft.  Despite being in the top three of
her class, she wound up with a lousy assignment to a remote outpost,
being forced to stay there for 8 years.  One year ago, she was
transferred to the ((insert name of Garrek's ship))), and spent
several months there before being ordered to Corusant, to an unknown

She is currently 33 years old, never married, no debts, and no
history of disciplinary action.  She has received 4 accommodations in
her career, but has never been on a "serious" assignment nor in
combat with rebels (but lots of battles with pirates and smugglers).


UNOFFICIAL history, seen by her and from the perspective of those in her

HER FATHER:     Ana's mother was a spy for the rebels, and was "in
spirit" married to Zander Phillips, another spy for the rebellion.
He was a civilian liaison between merchants and the Empire.  He was a
trouble-shooter for the empire, helping to resolve disputes.  He was
devastated at the death of his "wife", and couldn't risk raising
their daughter since he was actively spying.  He helped her get
adopted by a prominent imperial family (friends of her mother), and
promised himself to return to get her later.   He never did.

Zander remained spying for many years, until 3 years ago, when he was
discovered and a major manhunt went out for him.  He wrote to his
father, Alexander, to tell him that he had a grandchild and that he
was probably a dead man himself.  When Zander was captured, he was
placed on trial and sentenced to life in prison on Corusant, where he
is incarcerated to this date.

HER GRANDFATHER:      Alexander had his own problems.  Being a jedi
master, he was hunted, and often in hiding himself.  When he learned
he had a granddaughter, he tried to reach out to her by mail.  He
sent packages and letters to Ana while she was at the academy,
relying on several smugglers ships to get through security and
sending his apprentice, known as Derrick Mandrake, to talk to Ana in

ANASTAZYA:      Ana didn't believe Derrick at first, but eventually
began to believe him, especially when her grandfather came with
Derrick in her junior year at the academy.  When he tried to talk to
her about who she was, she rejected him and Derrick both, feeling
betrayed by her father for abandoning her, and by her grandfather for
lying about the imperials.   She hated them.  When she finished her
studies and work at the academy, she left for the remote site and
decided to have no further contact with Derrick or her grandfather.
She decided she didn't care what happened with her father.  He was
never there for her anyway.

Derrick felt he failed, but worse, K'tra's guilt, remorse and
overwhelming saddness, left him weakened.  While at the remote
station, Alexander got a few letters to her, and she had plenty of
time to rethink the situation, and, when she got orders out of the
outpost 8 years later, she decided to visit this man who was  her

She had one month of leave before having to report to (((insert name
of Garrek's ship))), and so she went to see her "grandfather."  She
didn't call in advance, but what she found when she arrived was the
worst thing that could have happened.  She found a burned out
village, and an imperial report that all the residents had died in a
rebel attack.  Overwhelmed with remorse and guilt for hating her only
known family member, Ana wandered around the ruins, like in a daze,
and wound up mysteriously at a home in the wilderness that was very
well hidden.  She was greeted sadly by Derrick, and she responded
differently to him this time.  Ana ran to him and cried in his arms.
And his arms felt good.

She spent the month's leave with him, talking about her grandfather,
then about her father and her mother.  Derrick had been Alexander's
apprentice for about 15 years, since he was 17 years old.  Derrick
told stories of her grandfather as a jedi, how his son, .. her
father,... never developed force ability, and how he and her mother
spied for the rebels.  He then presented a box to Ana with some of
her grandfather's possessions, including a necklass that her mother
had worn and been very fond of.  Ana still wears the necklass.

Derrick asked Ana to spy for the rebels, as her mother and father had
done.  She refused, but the idea was implanted in her mind.  Derrick
then just asked her to write to him and tell him about where she goes
and what she's doing.  That she didn't have to give up any
confidential information, but just to let him know where she was.
She agreed to write, then she left and reported for duty as ordered.

GRANDFATHER:   Real name K'Tra Dier, aka Alexander Phillips, aka Sam

He pretended to be a local professor on a small remote planet where
there is a small rebellion post.  A jedi master, he loved his son and
hopeful daughter in law.  He had a long history of spying on the
imperials, and his son followed in his footsteps.  But Zander never
developed force ability, and K'tra knew that any offspring of his
son's likely would develop force ability (since his mother had none,
but he knew his grandmother was force sensitive.  Thus he was very
interested in having grandchildren.  He never knew that Zander's
love, Capt Anastazya Rowan, was pregnant, nor that she died giving
birth, until nearly 18 years later, when he son sent him an urgent
message that he was on the run from being caught spying, and had to
tell his father that he had a granddaughter.

Alexander tracked her down.   He could never go to the academy.  He'd
be spotted immediately.  He sent his apprentice, known as Derrick, on
several smuggler's ships.  He wrote to her telling her of her true
heritage, but Derrick reported how she rejected the news and refused
to believe it.  Then he went himself, at much great personal risk.
When he saw her,  she looked so much like her mother.  Especially her
eyes.  But she had her father's stubbornness, and her rejection broke
a part of him that would not be healed in this world.  He left a
broken man.  He died at the hands of several sith, saddened and
weakened by the idea that his only granddaughter hated him, just one
week before Anastazya was to arrive for her surprise visit to him.

DERRICK:     His long time apprentice, who just went by the name
Derrick, had been on several spying missions, and only met Ana when
he visited her at the Academy.  Until the death of K'tra.  He found
out that she was on her way to visit her grandfather, and he waited
for her.  He summoned Ana to him in his hideout in the wilderness
without her realizing it.  When they met, she was very different.
She ran to him and cried.  And he cried with her.  She was, after
all, the only part of his mentor that was still alive.

He passed on to Ana everything her grandfather wanted her to know.
How her mother was known as the Dragon in Flight.  She used the code
name Danora Mzasa.  Derrick asked but Ana wasn't ready to follow in
her parent's footsteps, by being a spy.  He hoped that now that she
was aware of the atrocities of the empire, that in time, she would
turn.  He just had to make sure he knew where she was.

MS X:         While in the academy, Anastazya did extremely well,
excelling in most of her studies, but in piloting, she had no rival.
Yet, there was one fellow student, Ms. X, who envied her talents, and
undermined her greatly when the time came for assignments.  Ana would
have been sent to the front of several battles, where she would have
been very inexperienced and likely killed, but Ana surprised everyone
when she volunteered to stay at the academy to continue studies
beyond her first two degrees.  She got a job at the academy shuttling
students, as she attended more classes to specialize in other craft,
including war craft.

Ms X was sent to a plush post on Corusant, but never gave up the
grudge.  So when Ana was ready to get orders again, Ms X (being a
daughter of a very important diplomate), got Ana stationed to the
most remote post in the empire.  Ana never complained, and instead
learned tricks of the trade and many creative and inventive ways of
bypassing imperial rules to get ships to function better than they
were created to function.  She grew lazy with imperial rules and
practice over the 8 years, and arriving on Garrek's ship, hanging out
with Garrek, had her believing that all imperial posts were this
lackadazical.  She was shocked to have to leave Garrek's ship,
especially since her orders did not identify what her new assignment


FACTS:     Anastazya Rowan is a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy, an
outstanding pilot with specialization in several war craft and
transport craft.  An excellent academic history, and an excellent
history of following orders and loyalty to the imperial services.
Like her mother before her.  The record shows that some high official
at Corusant arranged for Ana to get sent to the remote outpost for a
minimum of 8 years.  Ms. X is still on Corusant, but unaware that Ana
is now stationed there, too.

Ana's father is in prison on Corusant, but she is not aware that he
is there.  And Derrick is on some mission, and has made no attempt to
contact Ana since he saw her after her Grandfather died.   Ana has
shown no signs of force ability..... yet.  She has written to Derrick
only once, so far, and Luke Skywalker knows about Anastazya being the
granddaughter of K'tra.

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