Arcadia (aka Shadow, Arcadia dOmbre, etc)

Mercenary/Free Spacer

Mary L. Orwig
1546 3rd St East, Milan, IL 61264
(309) 787-6933 E-Mail:

Physical Description

Race:	Human (?)

Age:	Unknown (rumored to be 250+)

Height: 5 5

Hair:	Variable

Weight: Whos Asking?

Eyes: Grey

Homeworld:Zeist (?) or possibly Iskandar

Profession:Merc/Bounty Hunter/Assassin/Spy

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single (currently)

Children:	On loan from the Imperial creche

Spouses Name:n/a

Force Training:


Psychological Description

IQ:Very High

Fears:Losing her head

Temperament:Cool, calculating. Secretive. A loner. Unpredictable.

Likes:That unmistakeable bioelectro-magnetic rush that accompames a job well done; leather.


Pet Peeves:Cute, cuddly animals; the Buzz

Goals in Life: Il ne peuty en avoir qu un! (None)

Favorite Color: Black and electric blue

Pasttimes:	Ironmongery, sword collecting

Hobbies:Head-hunting, cuffing, Rebel-baiting

Drink:	Iskan Dark,

Food:	Chipped Ewok on Toast (heh heh)

Special Abilities:

Self-directed healing abilities. Recovers from apparantly mortal injuries in a matter of hours. Unknown if abilities are transferrable to other individuals.

Personal History: What is known about Arcadia is mostly rumors -- she
may or may not be a Force adept (possibly Sith, definately not Jedi).
She may *possibly* be the same person who is wanted for questioning
on over fifteen worlds concerning a series of decapitation deaths
spanning the past 25 to 30 years. She *may* be related to the Arcadia
dOmbra who received a Letter of Marque from an Iskandaran monarch
over 200 years ago. She *may* be the same Isabeau St.Cyr dArcadia who
received honors as the Royal Swordsmistress of Zeist nearly 100 years
ago. She *might* even be the same Marie Delacardie suspected of
collusion and conspiracy in the disappearance of several high-
ranking Academy instructors shortly before the dissolution of the
Imperial Senate. Arcadia is known to occasionally associate with the
owners and/or employees of Dahlziels Confidential Imports, and
appears to regard certain staff members with familial affection.

Arcadia owns and operates a private freighter, the Rose dAnjou,
currently registered out of Port Hilo, Sullairi VI, a well-preserved
craft with a pedigree that stretches back to the heyday of the Old
Republic. Arcadia appears to be independantly wealthy, beyond the
credits she earns thnt the Mercenarys Guild. She is an expert
Swordswoman -- possibly even Domina -ranked -- and has no qualms
about killing. Very dangerous to cross.

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