(Kerra) Avon


Player: Pat [Avon] Betz


Physical Description

Race: Human Homeworld: Unknown

Age: 28 Profession: Mercenary, Sith Master

Height: 5 3’ Weight: Average

Hair: Dark Brown [almost black] Eyes: Brown

Current Position:


Marital Status: Believed to be single

Spouse's name: Unknown

Children: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Education: Unknown

Force Training: Yes Military History:

Master's Name: Luke Skywalker, Rank: Unknown

Darana Cairnfell Status: Unknown

Light or Dark: Dark Army: Unknown

Branch: Unknown


Psychological Description

IQ: Genius

Fears: Betrayal. Tends to kill the betrayer.

Special Abilities: Computer specialist, weapon design specialist, interrogation, blaster, hand to hand skills, security systems, piloting, tech skills, espionage skills and apparently has command skills as well.

Owner of the Phantom, a prototype heavily armed and defended freighter.

Temperament: Professional. Keeps her word. Vengeful. Paranoid. Fear of letting others know how she really feels in case it is then used against her. Loner and a survivor. Ruthless. Cares more than she leads people to believe.

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Pet Peeves: Unknown

Goals in Life: Unknown

Favorite Color: Unknown Drink: Unknown

Pastime: Unknown Food: Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Personal History:

All that is known is that Avon showed up at Port Lansing 14 years ago as Prisms bodyguard. Avon later became Prisms partner. Avon was the leader of the Rebel Forces for three years at Port Lansing. For some unknown reason she stepped down as Rebel leader and Sandorff was given command.

It was puzzling that Avon was the leader of the Rebel Forces because she is listed as a Merc. Imperial Intelligence has found that Avon has never been a Rebel Officer. Only thing Intelligence has found is that Avon had a strict contract with the Rebel Alliance. Intelligence has not found out what is contained in that contract.

Although Avon stepped down as commander, she was still very trusted and respected in the Rebel Alliance. Avon was also very much in the command structure of the Rebel Forces at Port Lansing. Last report was that Avon was in charge of espionage [sneaky stuff] at Port Lansing,

No information has ever been found on her background. Rumor has it that Avon has erased this information from the computers.

Avon is considered by the Empire armed and dangerous. Avon is known to be carrying several weapons. Weapons she carries are knives, blasters, throwing stars, and some instances she has had demolition supplies on her person.

Avon, is now a Sith Master in the Empire. She has established her own house and holds loyalty to Darana. Her hatred of the Emperor still remains, however she is loyal to the Empire. Avon is now considered by the Alliance as armed and dangerous.

Avon usually wears black.

Disguishing Mark : Tattoo on left arm is of a white snake entwine around a wolverine.

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