Princess Azarra Vader


Race:       Sith
Homeworld:  Varelttas
Age:        Undiplomatic to ask
Profession: Diplomat
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Undiplomatic to ask
Hair:       Black
Eyes:       Green

Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name:  The Emperor
Children:       None

Mother:     Audris (Queen)
Father:     Sarid (King)
Siblings:   Sadira (eldest sister), Carissa (sister) and Dancia (sister)

Excellent.  Varelttans believe in educating their women well, even 4th 
Princesses.  Luckily, she attended NO Imperial institutions.

Force Training: Just beginning.
Master:     Rikon Rividh-Vader
Light or Dark:  Dark (except for chocolate).

Military History:
Rank:       N/A
Status: N/A
Army:       N/A
Branch: N/A

IQ:         High
Fears:          That she will never find true happiness with the man she 
Temperament:    Diplomatic at all times.  Loyal to Lord Vader, wary and alert 
in the              presence of the Emperor.

Likes:      Parties, Traveling, Shopping the length and breadth of the galaxy.

Dislikes:    All stuffed-shirt Imperials.  

Pet Peeves: That the Emperor still doesn't understand the words 'diplomat,' 
'peace,' or 'negotiation.'  Also that there are so few comfortable 
chairs in the Palace.

Goals:      To see a Vader on the throne, and/or a negotiated peace between 
the Empire and the Alliance.

Color(s):   Black/silver.
Food:       Chocolate.
Pastimes:   Shopping.
Hobbies:    Acquiring universal finery, attending diplomatic functions, 
sponsoring lavish diplomatic functions, spending Palpatine^s money.

Accessorizing multiple ensembles, power shopping at outlet stations.

    Azarra had always assumed that being the fourth daughter in
succession to a King with no sons was the reason for her indifferent
treatment in the Varelttan palace, both officially and privately.
Nor was she able to understand the close relationship between herself
and her favorite uncle, Lord Darth Vader.  But she was grateful when,
at age 16, he gave her a starship and crew.  At last able to escape a
home life where she was no more wanted than a fifth leg on an
Imperial walker, she began to travel, rarely returning to Varelttas.

    At 21 she negotiated her first settlement between the distraught
Fabric Merchants of Ssalb and a group of vexed Corellian importers.
This action led to her eventual appointment to the Diplomatic
Embassy, and the acquiring of Corellian bodyguards.

    The Diplomatic Embassy never elicited a great deal of press in
the galaxy, in spite of several key efforts including the Peace Talks
and the Galactic Relief Organization,  both being key events at Port

    Recently, however, life has become quite tumultuous for Azarra.
It began with a romantic pursuit by The Emperor, which culminated in
an engagement and formal marriage ceremony at Port Lansing, during
which a) it was revealed that Azarra was actually a DAUGHTER of Lord
Vader (see below), b) she was poisoned before she could speak her
vows and c) she was transported off station by her cousin, Lord
Rividh-Vader, at the insistence of Prince Trinian Palpatine, who
proceeded to accuse the Emperor / Groom of engineering said

    Azarra eventually recovered, and was given permission by The
Emperor to be Force-trained by her cousin Rikon on Varelttas.  During
these first sessions, they discovered Azarra has an unique
Force-talent - she can, when angered or threatened, literally ^suck^
the Force out of the antagonist.

Currently, she has very little control over this power, and must be
in actual physical contact with someone to exhibit this.

    She did finally return to Coruscant to take up the mantle of
Empress with Palpatine.  They arrived separately at Port Lansing
2001, but did attend official functions together including the
Blaster Battle.  After Port Lansing, as Palpatine left to begin
training a new Sith apprentice, Azarra returned to Coruscant where
she embarked upon a new campaign to overhaul the Emperor^s
deteriorating public image.  It began with guided tours of the
Palace, which then led to the Empress Cruise of the Galaxy.

    Azarra promises more surprises to come.

    When Sarid failed in the first 3 attempts to sire a male heir to
the family line, the Varelttan Council, after much deliberation and
consternation, insisted that Lord Vader return to Varelttas to render
what service he could to help the situation.

    His presence at the birth of Azarra, therefore, drew no undue
attention, nor has he ever been questioned as to why she is his
favorite of Sarid^s 4 daughters.

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