Wynn Barezz


Player: Kirk Taskila

Physical Description

Race: D’isian (Human) Homeworld: D’is

Age: 30 Profession: lord of the Sith

Height: 5'8" Weight: 185

Hair: Dark Brown Eye Eyes: Blue

Current Position: Recently returned to Coruscant from duty in the Outer Rim.


Personal Information

Marital Status: Single, Marriage annulled

Spouse's name: Formerly married to Leit Barezz (reported dead)

Children: Pallis (named after Palpatine) age 22, reported dead after the Force Plague struck the Imperial academy four years ago. Recently spotted on the starship Koros Blue, pirating the spacelanes. Kamara, age 19, last seen 6 years ago. Current whereabouts unknown. Presumed dead.

Mother: Unknown

Father: Rodoc Barezz

Siblings: No known siblings.

Education: Recipient of the Galactic Award for Broadcasting, Graduate with honors from Imperial School for Tactical Studies, High Honors from Imperial Academy.

Force Training: Yes Military History:

Master's Name: see history under personal Rank:

Light or Dark: Dark Status:




Psychological Description

IQ: above average Fears: Being betrayed by allies and distrustful of others

Special Abilities: Expert in decryption and propaganda

Temperament: Wynn is known as a patient, but cruel man. Lacking in sympathy and mercy he is known as an efficient, manipulative and evil person. He values family ties and all displays of loyalty.

Likes: Independence, strength, displays of loyalty

Dislikes: Chaos, disorder, failing in his plans, weakness in himself and others, torturing prisoners and pointless suffering.

Pet Peeves:.

Goals in Life: To find his children his wife
took from him, to find his place in the universe and run it

Favorite Color: White Drink: Tatooine Sunrise

Pastime: Food:

Hobbies: Strategic games and war simulations 


Personal History:

Other Distinguishing Marks: It is reported that Wynn has lost his right hand (cybernetic replacement), and had extensive damage to the right side of his face due to a rebel blaster.

Personal Information: . Enjoys 3-d war simulations and other war games.

Force Training: Lady Megan Nightshade (Sith), Tianna Vader (Sith). Much of Wynn’s training in the force was self taught or researched in the ancient texts recovered from the Jedi Library.

He specializes in mind control. He also has abilities in Mind Probes, Energy Control, Telekinesis, and Telepathy at lower levels.

Wynn has a competency rating with both blasters and lightsaber.

Employment History: Wynn entered the Imperial Navy immediately upon graduation of the Imperial Academy. He quickly rose through his duties as a reporter and data analyst for the Bureau of Media Analysis. His specialization in decryption, languages and decoding helped him to rise through the ranks.

Wynn formed the Imperial News Network, the only official source for news in the Empire. He worked diligently to close down the IGNN (Intergalactic News Network), as run by the infamous Joshua Darke. After Darke’s death and the incarceration of his top reporters, Wynn left the INN and officially retired his commission as an officer of the Imperial navy with the rank of Captain.

He took on several special projects for the Empire. He developed the Death Probes, a device that amplified the gravity of a planetary system causing both sun and orbiting planets to explode. This resulted in the reported deaths of 10 million inhabitants of the Zoric system.

Barezz was also responsible for running camp Libra, one of 12 work camps that exterminated numerous alien species unfit for the Empire. These camps were officially disavowed by the Empire and when liberated by the Empire Barezz was not on site and remained at large. Each extermination was witnessed and recorded by IGNN reporter Ilona Carollan.

He then took special assignment to infiltrate the Renegades and has been on deep space assignments. His recent return to the Imperial City has been reported with great enthusiasm as it is expected he will bring great renown to the achievements of the Empire.

Wynn was once the "good Imperial". He initially worked as in Imperial propaganda, investigating traitors and reporting the news. Soon he had to lie and cover up the crimes of the Empire. If that was the worst he had to do, that was ok by him. Soon the war would be over, and he could raise his family in peace.

After being detected as a force sensitive, the Emperor had greater plans for Wynn. Seperated from his family, Wynn began to take on more unpleasant assignments. His first was being forced to work with Captain Metieh in the interrogation of Kirienne Solo and Season Windstar. This began his quick path down the darkside as his force powers first manifested.

His torment continued when his duties kept him far from Coruscant and away from his family. He was allowed time to return only to discover that his wife began an affair with a diplomat that looked a great deal like Wynn. In great anger, Wynn broke the paramour’s neck and took his children from his wife Liet which began an ongoing struggle for control of their children.

Wynn threw himself in his work and his studies of the darkside. Quickly growing in power, motivated by his anger, resentment and aggression he took on greater and greater tasks.

He has taken on several special duties including the destruction of the Zoric system and the many ancient jedi temples on it. He ran Camp Libra as an alien extermination camp and has recently returned from duty in the Outer Rim.

There is a long list of enemies of Wynn Barezz who seek his destruction for his crimes against the galaxy.

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