Male Corellian
Age 18 5'10"
Brown hair Brown eyes

FATHER:  Darius Strait
Darius is the owner/CEO of Cervesa Ale, one of the top 3 producers and
exporters of Corellian Ale on the planet Corellia.  The company is a
family business, started generations ago and handed down from father to
son.   Darius is a loyal Imperial supporter.  He is good friends with
Colonel Stover, who commands a Stormtrooper garrison.

MOTHER:  Majka Strait
Majka married Darius at an early age, there are 12 years age difference
between them. She was 18 when she had Beren.  She loves her family and
her life, and also supports the Empire.  Her favorite thing to do is to
host big important dinner parties for her husband. She's every bit the
socialite.  She has used her charms, on many occasions to help her
husband seal some big deal.  She has a good head for business.

The Strait household is a typical household of the wealthy.  However,
Darius also uses slaves as servants, rather than paid servants.  This has
been a sore spot with Beren most of his life.  Darius also employs some
slave labor at the company.  

SIBLINGS:  Beren has one sister, younger, Adelfi, age 16, who is very
much like her mother, and who hopes to start her own business some day in
fashion design.  He has two brothers,  Kal, age 17, who is in the
Imperial Academy and plans to follow a military career as an officer in
the Imperial military, and Raan, age 14, who wants to wander - be a free
spacer, hauling freight and seeing the galaxy.  He gazes at the stars
every night.  He is also a poet.  

EDUCATION:  Darius was sent to various private institutions of learning,
all Imperially run, and with strict discipline.  His grades were average,
but his teachers kept telling his parents that the boy was a lot smarter
than that, and he just didn't "apply" himself. Truth was that school
bored the tears out of him, and the teachers angered him.  The threat of
sending him to a full military academy at one point caused him to earn
one semester of high grades.  He likes being in control of himself and
the private schools were bad enough, military school would be impossible.

OTHER EDUCATION:  In his free time, starting at about the age of eight,
Beren would hit the streets of his home town, one of the biggest cities
on Corellia, and hang out with a rough crowd, many of whom were
dissatisfied with the Empire. (So he is street smart)  He felt at home
there, these people accepted him as he was and liked him.  One man, Khan
Tolsek, took Beren under his wing and began to teach him a Corellian form
of martial arts called Kifo.  Beren excelled at this.  Kifo uses the
edginess of street fighting, but with control and precision.  It
emphasizes quickness.  It is considered a deadly form of fighting, yet
its adherents are taught to use this wisely.  If you are attacked, aim to
disable and then leave. But if the fight doesn't allow for this, if you
must defend yourself, you can then do so.  The saying goes, "Never start
a fight, but always finish one, and always finish it standing."    Beren
currently holds Master status in his group.  In his current situation he
has not used his Kifo training because of several reasons.  Initially he
was injured and outnumbered, so no sense in giving away that he can
defend himself.  Then his father showed up and made a deal with him and
he knows that if he causes too much trouble, this deal could go sour and
things would become very bad very quickly for him.

MILITARY:  Recently joined the Rebel Alliance, went on 1st training
mission, and crashed onto an Imperial base, becoming a prisoner.  Due to
influence on the part of both his Dad, and his Dad's friend, Colonel
Stover, who happened to be the base commander where Beren crashed his
X-Wing, Beren has now switched sides and is about to enter Imperial
military service.  His Father threatened to send him to a re-education
facility and have him brainwashed if he didn't agree to switch sides

BELIEFS:  Doesn't really know anything about the Alliance, so was never
truly "loyal" to it. Just didn't like the Empire (basically because of
his treatment in school all his life) so wanted to "piss off Dad."  Also
does not believe in the practice of slavery.

PERSONALITY:  Beren is rash and hot-headed.  This is tempered with
his Kifo training, but under the right circumstances, Beren can blow
up.  He has a mouth and is not afraid to use it. Speaks what's on his
mind. His language is colorful.  He has a chip on his shoulder left
over from treatment he received in school by the teachers.  He can be
sweet and charming, when he wants to, which is usually around someone
of the feminine variety.  He has had many girlfriends, although does
not have one currently.  He actually does have a good sense of
humor.  Can be a great friend, and fun to "hang out" with.

FEARS:  Not being in control of himself.  Being brainwashed. He has a
phobia of this, and his father knows it. He tends to get overly
smart-mouthed in a situation when he's not in control, or when he's

PET PEEVES:  People who act superior.

LIKES: Smart-mouthing superiority freaks, practicing his Kifo techniques,
showing up people who try to "put him in his place."

Food:  Spacer's stew (whatever you can get your hands on, thrown into
the pot it's different every time.)

Drink:  Corellian Ale.  Prefers to buy ale produced by competitor's to
Cervesa Ale. Doesn't necessarily like it better, but does it to piss off

PASTTIME:  Practicing Kifo.
HOBBY:  Coming up with new insults and smart-mouth comebacks.
Color: Grey

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