Local Color

Player: Pat Grant

Physical Description

Race: unknown Homeworld: unknown

Age: 28 (equal to about 7 yrs in human age) Profession:

Height: Weight:

Hair: Blue Eyes: brown eyes

Skin: blue

Current Position:

Personal Information

Marital Status:

Spouse's name:


Mother: Ni'Qua

Father: Duul'Qua

Siblings: A sister named Ci'Qua, and a brother named Ai'Qua



Force Training: yes, sort of (see below) Military History:

Master's Name: Rank:

Light or Dark: Status:




Psychological Description

IQ: Normal (for a child of her planet) Fears: Twinkies

Special Abilities: upon adolescence obtains one Force ability. Hers is telepathy

Temperament: Cheerful

Likes: friendly people

Dislikes: mean people

Pet Peeves: none

Goals in Life: Find her way home



Favorite Color: ALL colors, at the same time Drink: Anything fruity

Pastime: making friends Food: Chocolate

Hobbies: drawing pictures



Personal History:

Likes to use makeup to make designs on face

Bi'Qua became interested in a ship she saw at a docking port on her home world. They were loading crates of supplies of party favors. Something colorful caught her eye and she went in when no one was looking to check it out. But it was the last crate loaded, and the door was shut behind her. She found herself trapped. Their first stop was at Port Lansing station were some of the party supplies was being delivered to the Cantina. Bi'Qua came out, to the crews surprise and wandered off. She made her way around the station, trying to make friends, and was really shocked and surprised at the amount of "really bad" people she met.

Bi'Qua is very innocent and naive. She will believe just about anything and is hurt deeply if someone lies to her and she finds out it wasn't true.

The people on her planet age very slowly through childhood to adolescence. Bi'Qua is the size of some adults of other worlds, but is only the mental equivalent of about a 7 year old human. However, they reach adolescence at the age of 29, which Bi'Qua will reach just about the time of Port Lansing 2003. At adolescence they go through a rapid mental advancement and jump to the level of about a human 14 year old. At that time, they also develop a Force ability. Bi'Qua will develop the ability to hear the thoughts of others. With training she would be able to be a full telepath and communicate back and forth, but for now she can only hear others.

At Port Lansing, she was told that Chocolate is good and helps Force Users turn to the light side of the Force. She was also told that Twinkies are evil and can make you turn to the Dark Side. She honestly believes every word of this. That may change on her "awakening" as her people call the step into adolescence.

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