Player:  James Casselbury

Physical Description

Height:  6' 1

Weight:  Approx. 200 lbs.

Eye color:  Unknown

Hair color:  Unknown

Age:  Unknown

Background Information

Species:  Krath (allegedly)

Parents:  Unknown

Other Family:  Unknown

Planet of Origin:  Unknown

Psychological Description

IQ:  Genius

Temperament:  Controlled; gives away little, if anything, of what he feels
or thinks.  Is sometimes condescending towards those he apparently feels
are inferior to him, cold to those he feels are interfering with his plans. 
Driven to anger at the mere sight of a Jedi Knight.

Goals:  Destruction of the Jedi Knights for certain.  Anything else is

Likes:  Unknown

Dislikes:  Jedi Knights.

Favorite Color:  Black and purple (apparently, since he wears those colors).

Favorite Food:  Unknown

Favorite Drink:  Unknown

Favorite Pastime:  Unknown

Fears/Weaknesses:  Unknown.  His self-control does not allow for the
display of any such in front of anyone, especially in front of the Emperor.

Personal Description

Hobbies:  Unknown

Marital Status:  Single (as far as anyone knows)

Force User:  Yes

Dark or Light Side:  Dark Side

Trained by:  Unknown

Special Abilities:  Can walk through walls, block anyone from seeing
himself and/or his people from being seen in the past or future through the
Force, and give form and substance to energy from the Dark Side of the
Force, creating his staff, which also functions as his personal weapon.

Other Education:  Unknown

Friends:  None

Enemies:  The Jedi Knights, as well as any who side with them.

Personal History

Bourne, who claims to be High Priest of the Krath, a group of Dark Side
Force users supposedly destroyed by the Jedi some 4,000 years previously,
appeared seemingly from nowhere and offered his services to the Emperor.
Palpatine accepted his offer for a variety of reasons, not least of which
was to keep this potentially dangerous stranger where he could watch him
carefully.  Speculation is rife at the Imperial court as to whether or not
Bourne is what he says he is, although all agree that he is, indeed, very
That the Emperor desires to possess himself of Bourne^s rather unusual
abilities is undoubted; that Bourne has his own secret agenda is equally
so.  For now, at least, the supposed Krath appears to be loyal to the
Empire and poses a definite threat to the Alliance.

Note:  The best source of information on the Krath may be found in the text
section of issue number five of the Star Wars:  Dark Empire comic book

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