M. Branwyn


Player: Dora Furlong

Height: 5'9 Hair: Copper
Eyes: Hazel Age: 48
Weight: 140 Marital Status: Single
Profession: Career MilitaryHomeworld: Berma
Mother: Deirdre Branwyn Father: Ranier Branwyn
Brothers:Kaelin Branwyn and Wesley BranwynSisters: Adair Branwyn
Spouse: None Children: None

Force: None

Education: Standard Education for Alliance held worlds. She attended the University of New Alderaan. She studied Psychology and Counter Terrorism.

Military History

Rank: General Status: Active
Army: Alliance Branch: Ground Forces
Current Assignment: Director of Combined Operations

Psychological Description:

IQ: High

Temperament: Cool, calculating work-aholic. Branwyn is always weighing the options against the circumstances. She is very dedicated to winning the war against Tyranny.

Likes: Knowledge, Warm Sunny Days, and Work.
Dislikes: Sith, The Empire, Beings motivated by Personal Gain.
Pet Peeves: Disorganization and lack of follow through.
Goals in Life: Put an end to Tyranny and defeat the Empire.


Color: Jade Green Drink: Water
Pastime:ReadingFood: Frozen Custard
Hobby: Writing Poetry

Special Abilities: Interrogation, Escape Artistry, Cryptography, and Strategy.

Personal History

None of the Branwyn children know their father. Their mother, Deirdre, spoke very little of him and never remarried after his disappearance. Mildred never cared to search him out, unlike her brothers and sisters. Instead of joining her siblings on a quest to find him, she went off to college, then joined the Alliance.

While her siblings became Mercenaries, Branwyn began her career as an operative in Alliance Intelligence. After five years she began, leading teams as Mission Commander and three years later joined the Alliance Intelligence, Special Response Unit. These teams operate outside of the regular branches of Intelligence Structure. The handle highly classified and critical missions. She eventually worked her way up to command the Special Response Unit, then on to command an Alliance Intelligence Outpost on the rim. She was promoted to Director of Alliance Intelligence and after the Rose Coup was chosen by the Alliance high command to step into the position of Director of Combined Operations.

Very few know what the M. stands for in her name. Everyone refers to her simply as Branwyn. The current whereabouts of Branwyn's family is unknown to her. She has not seen them in almost twenty years. She believes that her mother is most likely deceased. It is possible that she is still alive, as Deirdre was 18 when she had her first child Wesley, Adair was born 2 years later, wile Mildred and Kaelin, twins, were born 2 years after Adair.