Sam Brayden


Player: William Hsu

Physical Description

Race: Human

Homeworld: Wayland (Imperial treasure planet)

Age: 18, nearly 19 (looks at least 20)

Profession: pilot, provisionary discharge from Alliance

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's Name: N/A

Children: N/A

Mother: Jesse Brayden, deceased (Rebel Alliance commander, pilot, KIA

Father: Jo Brayden, missing and presumed deceased (Rebel Medical Corps
nurse, BY+18)

Cousins: Rory and Ellie Brayden (raised him from the age of 9)

Education: completed secondary education (12-16) on Kalimant, worked two
seasons on Rory's farm before going to the Academy, went through 3 months
of basic training before being dispatched to Yavin for pilot training

Force Training: none to date

Master's Name: not yet assigned

Light or Dark: candidate Jedi padawan

Psychological Description

IQ: slightly above average (120-130)

Fears: bureaucratic power, being ordered to kill innocent people

Temperament: keen and unwavering sense of ethics, unambitious, good work
ethic but a procrastinator, slovenly for a farm boy; childlike sense of
wonder at everything to do with the Force

Likes: open and honest people, egalitarianism

Dislikes: Imperials, despotic or totalitarian commanders (including
Alliance officers)

Pet Peeves: bureaucracy, red tape; senseless rulesmongering

Goals in Life: originally to become an Alliance admiral; now, to become a
Jedi Knight

Favorite Color: bright azure blue

Drink: anything with massive amounts of caffeine, especially locally
grown (paint-stripping) coffee

Pasttimes: procrastinating, sleeping in late, reading

Food: tubers, fried food

Hobbies: history, philosophy, board games and strategic games of chance

Military History

Rank: Ensign (newly graduated cadet, discharged before pilot training)

Status: General discharge, provisionary - remitted to care of the Jedi

Army: Alliance

Branch: X-Wing Division

Special Abilities: Sam is a Force user with powerful potential, mainly
the ability to commnicate telepathically over distance (farspeak) and
coerce, which he has already demonstrated by unknowingly using the Force
on an Imperial who was about to arrest his younger brother.  He has very
weak creativity (enough to melt an ice cube or spark off a fuel-soaked
wick if he concentrates) and moderate psychokinesis (up to 100kg).
Neither of the latter abilities has manifested reliably yet: he cannot
yet lift more than a gram with the Force.

Sam has the unusual ability to farsense excorporeally (look around
corners and objects) as if moving his point of view and to deepsense into
organic tissue.  He does this subconsciously when asleep and the
involuntary manifestation of this ability extends to other senses
(hearing, smell, and touch) if it is nearby.  Sam thinks these are
prescient visions because he is too inexperienced to realize that they
are real and from the present time.

Personal History:

Sam's father was a Rebel Alliance pilot recruited into Wedge Antilles's
command about five years after the Battle of Endor.  His father survived
over eight years of dangerous campaigns and rose to the rank of Commander
when he was killed in action.  Less than a year later, his mother (a
nurse in the Rebel Medical Corps) was visiting relatives on an border
planet when it was reduced by a surprise Imperial attack, and she was
believed lost with most of the planetary inhabitants.

The orphaned Sam, then 10, was raised by his older cousins Rory and
Ellie, along with his brother, then 8.  Sam has wanted to join the Rebel
Academy since his parents were killed by the resurgent Empire, and
finally got his chance late last year when a bumper crop allowed his
cousin Rory to hire on two farmhands and let Sam enlist.  By this time he
had grown into a tall young man of medium build, whose soft-spoken nature
belied his strong potential for telepathic control.

Sam has been somewhat disillusioned with the Alliance to date, and was
thrilled to have been noticed by several Jedi Knights whom he met in a
"chance encounter" (so to speak) in a cafe on Yavin.  Knight Rory Ultan
tested Sam and found his Force potential to be considerable.  Master Adan
deemed it too dangerous to allow Sam to return to the Alliance without
training, and obtained authorization for him to be released to the Order
for testing and possible training as a Jedi.

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