Bunny De'scant


Player: Mandi Hall

Physical Description:
Age: 20
Race: Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lb.
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Other: Small beauty mark on her left cheek
Current Status: force "training" and shopping for her
fall wardrobe
Current Job: None
Special Abilities:
-Keen Fashion Sense
-Gives Fabulous Makeovers
-Possibly disguise, as she knows enough about makeup
to completely change a person's appearance.

Personal Info:
Homeworld: Zealand
Marital Status: Single
Father's Name: Terus De'scant
Race: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Background: Wealthy fashion designer and owner of a
chain of designer fashion clothing shops.
Mother's Name: Aybiana Cru
Race: Human
Homeworld: Zealand
Background: former model, deceased.
Education: private boarding school until 15
Force Training: No formal training (see personal
Master: None
Light or Dark: Dark

Employment History: Apprenticeship with her father in
the fashion industry, no job currently

Psychological Description:
IQ: Low

Temperament: Energetic and very talkative. Flighty and
shallow with no real passions besides fashion.
Fears: Going colourblind. Injury to her face. Breaking
a nail.

Likes: fashion, being the centre of attention, small
non-sentient furry aliens, dancing, mirrors, sparkly
things, HERSELF

Dislikes: split ends, tan lines, polyester, work, flat
hair, B.O., getting dirty, ugly people (ships,
clothes, planets, weapons, etc.) blonde jokes

Pet Peeves: brown and orange (SO last millennium)
Goals in Life: To rid the galaxy of bad fashion^×and
possibly head a section of stormtroopers who would
wear cotton candy pink armour and call themselves 'The
Fashion Police.' To eradicate the Jedi^×that or replace
those nasty brown robes with sequined turquoise ones.

Colour: Fuchsia
Pastime: Putting on her makeup
Hobbies: Giving Makeovers
Food: Anything low-fat
Drink: Anything with that little pink umbrella...

Personal History:
Born and raised in a high-class home on Zealand, Bunny
lived a happily sheltered life. Her parents were
wealthy, so they found no reason to oppose the Empire.
They were loyal Imperial Citizens that worked in the
fashion industry. Bunny's mother was a model and
taught Bunny to be graceful at a young age. Her father
was a fashion designer, but had some knowledge of
business, owning a chain of designer fashion shops.
Most of Terus De'scant's time was spent on Coruscant,
away from his family. Bunny didn't seem to suffer
much, though. She was always dressed in trendy
clothing, and taught that making a good impression is
very important. She went to an exclusive private
boarding school on Zealand. Her father often had to
support her monetarily, as her grades dropped low
enough to threaten her enrollment. You see, Bunny's
not the brightest TIE fighter in the Hanger Bay. In
fact, she probably hasn't been dusted off in several

At age 15, Bunny gave up on school (or it gave up on
her) and joined her father on Coruscant. There she
assisted him at fashion shows, doing the model's
makeup and occasionally filling in for them when one
would go missing.

One night, she was at home watching a made-for-holoTV
movie about a farmboy who had a tendency to whine a
lot. The boy met an old man and decided to go on an
adventure with him and become a Jedi. Bunny was
fascinated by the idea of  'The Force', grossed out by
the little green alien who talked funny, but most of
all, HORRIFIED by the tacky brown Jedi robes the older
man wore!

So Bunny went to the libraries and checked out ALL the
picture books she could find related to the Force. She
decided she was going to train herself in the
Darkside. Bunny's not really a bad person, and she's
certainly not evil at heart. She just can't imagine
aligning herself with anyone who would wear brown so
carelessly. Besides, black is slimming. 

One of her "smarter" friends assisted her in building
her very own lightsabre, and a fashionable but
ineffective version of the blaster. (The Fashion
Blaster, Coming to Media West 2003!) Now, she was on
her way. Even though she's completely inept in
anything that doesn't involve fashion, she's decided
to take a more active role in getting rid of Jedi^×and
anyone else who wears brown robes or bright orange
flight suits. A formidable foe for the Alliance,

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