Char Sadimon


Player: Renee Gunn


Physical Description


Race: Human

Homeworld: Bakura

Age: 9

Profession: Padawan

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green


Personal Information


Marital Status: n/a

Spouse's Name: n/a

Children: n/a


Mother: Patria Sadimon

Father: Kuran Sadimon


Education: Char has had basic education at the Jedi temple, though there are

several areas he excels in including Biology and Languages.


Force Training: Once again he's being trained at the Yavin temple

Master's Name: Knight Brus Colm

Light or Dark: light


Psychological Description


IQ: average

Fears: Char's a typical 9 year old boy.  He pretends to be utterly fearless, but deep down he's afraid of disappointing people.


Temperament: Char is extremely active and curious.  He's very alert and a

fast learner, but he can have a very stubborn side when he wants to.

Likes: Animals

Dislikes: Being punished

Pet Peeves: n/a

Goals in Life: He wants to be a Jedi Master




Color: Blue

Drink: Anything sweet.

Pasttimes: Char likes to collect animals, insects, anything that is alive

and moves. Most of the things he has as "pets" he's found injured and scared

or have just found him.   He likes to spar with his friends and is always

looking for a good, fun competition.

Food: He'll eat anything once and probably ask for seconds if not thirds.



Special Abilities: Char is extremely good with languages and taking things

apart.  He's also got a special force connection with animals, or he's

strong in the living force.


Personal History

Char came to the temple at the age of four.  His parents

made the journey from Bakura to Yavin once they'd learned of their sons

abilities.   They knew that he needed proper training and only wanted the

best for him.  They maintain contact with their son through letters,

packages and transmissions from home.

Char is a very outgoing young man.  He's eager to learn and is extremely

curious, constantly asking questions.  He's a quick study and though he has

his stubborn moments, in general he's a good student.  His dream is to be a

Jedi Master, aspiring to be like the great ones he reads about in history

like Yoda, Mace Windu and Luke Skywalker.

In general, he's a typical 9 year old boy, he just is strong in the Force as


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