Name: Cimemthymia Jantzen Derlyne Mikasta Rintala Player: Jilly Harris

Physical Description

Race: Firrerreo Homeworld: Firrerre

Age: 50s but looks in her late 20s early 30s Profession: Jedi

Height: 5 feet Weight: 115 pounds

Hair: Multicolor; usually pulled back into a braid of some sort Eyes: Swirling green and blue

Current Position:

Personal Information

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's name:


Mother: Derlyne Mikasta Rintala (most likely deceased)

Father: Jantzen Mikasta Rintala (most likely deceased)


Education: Jedi Temple






Force Training: Yes Military History:

Master's Name: Rosktio Mresha (deceased) Rank:

Light or Dark: Light Status:




Psychological Description

IQ: High

Fears: Fear leads to the Dark Side

Special Abilities:

Temperament: Even



Pet Peeves:.

Goals in Life: Train her Padawan properly and keep her from turning to the dark side.



Favorite Color: n/a Drink: n/a

Pastime: n/a Food: n/a

Hobbies: n/a



Personal History:

Cimemthymia was born into the Clan of Mikasta in the Rintala area of Firrerre. She was the heiress to the clan, but her mother and father chose to abdicate her role to another of their children when they were born. Cimemthymia was a force-sensitive child, and Derlyne and Jantzen wanted their Clan to be represented in the Jedi.

Cimemthymia was an apt pupil while training at the Jedi temple shortly before the purge. Her master, Rosktio Mresha, took her into hiding. He could sense what was going to happen to the Jedi. He was right, and put all the lessons of the Old Jedi and instilled them in Cimemthymia. Often strict, Rosktio was a fair Master, and as her own father would have, he watched Cimemthymia grow into a lovely young woman who was a master of her own skills far ahead of her time. When she was 19, Rosktio knighted Cimemthymia. Soon after he passed away.

Cimemthymia traveled the galaxy for awhile, taking in everything that she could to hone her senses and prepare herself to take on a Padawan. When Cimemthymia was around 30 years old, she took on a young man named Mersten Pals as her Padawan. At the tender age of 10, Mersten was eager to learn everything that Cimemthymia could teach him. Slipping easily into a motherly role with the young man, the two learned together. Cimemthymia learned from her mistakes as Mersten learned from his.

When Mersten was almost 20 years old, the new Jedi Council thought it best to allow Mersten to go on a transport with a few other people on his way to a mission. Cimemthymia would join him later. It was the last time Master and Padawan would see each other again. During the landing of the transport, the ship was ambushed and destroyed by an Imperial starfighter. There were no survivors. Cimemthymia felt her Padawan one moment, and the next he was gone. It was unlike when her own former Master died. He merely faded away till he was no more. Mersten's departure was much more extreme.

The Council worried they were going to lose one of their own when Cimemthymia took a sabbatical away from the Council and Yavin. Doing some research Cimemthymia found information about a planet that once held a Jedi temple and was rich in the force. She found the coordinates to Nebula, knowing she could easily disappear into the planet to gather her thoughts and emotions. Packing her things, Cimemthymia retreated to Nebula.

After three years, Cimemthymia finally returned to Yavin, refreshed and ready to take on another Padawan. She met a rather strong and determined young girl, Cerelia Ivy Arynne. She was strong in the force, and Cimemthymia took her on as her new Padawan. Because of the complexity of her name, Cerelia couldn't pronounce Cimemthymia's name, and she soon started calling Cimia instead. The nickname stuck with just about everyone. Cimemthymia allows her friends to call her Cimia, though the older Jedi Masters still call her by her full name. Cimia has been training Cerelia for the past nine years.


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