Braeden Coulter


Real name:  Janice Mergenhagen    Email:

Physical Description:

Age: 46                Race:  Human              Height: 5'6
Hair Color:  Light Brown        Eye Color:  Green

Current Status:  Left home on Zhar (an outer rim world) to travel to Port 
Lansing to complete a mission

Force Ability:  a Jedi Padawan  

Personal History:

Brought to Jedi temple by Jedi Master Adi Gallia at 3 months old;
parents or home world unknown.  Trained at Temple with other young
Jedi trainees.  At age 6, was taken from Coruscant by Master Gallia
to an Zhar, an outer rim world, entrusted with six Jedi holocrons
containing recordings of Jedi masters and told that she would one day
know when and whom to give them to.  She used the discs to continue
her training in secret, building her own lightsaber, but feels
inadequate in the presence of other Jedi.

Learning of Jedi Master Skywalker and his attendance at the annual
Port Lansing meeting, Braeden went there and turned over the discs to
him.  At that time, Master Skywalker asked her to join him at the
Academy to complete the training needed to become a Jedi Knight.  At
this time, she also met Master Skywalker^s Padawan and Nik-Vie Windu,
another Jedi Knight from the Old Republic days.

Her ambition is to complete her training and be worthy of the faith
Master Gallia had in her.