Cyn Jaidak Frithuwulf


NOTE: This bio of Cyn was written as a standard bio for use of the two
Intell Divisions and others who have done background checks. If you need
something not listed please feel free to ask. Cyn's mother Lauren
Jaidak-Firestorm-Davis operated as a mercenary at several Media West Cons
and was for a time a Sith student of Lord Vordis before her
disappearance. Accordingly I've appended some of her information below
Cyn's. The full bio is in a Bio Book.

Character's Name: Cynethrythe Jaidak Frithuwulf
Character's Division: Alliance

Your Name: Phaedra Whitlock

Your Address: 1141 West Iles Avenue, Springfield, IL 62704

Physical Description: (Uniform): Tall and muscular, her russet brown hair
hangs stubbornly straight when not pinned up out of the way. Her features
are strong, from chin to cheekbones, and tanned. Her eyes, brown.

Cyn wears a long sleeved dark blue uniform with hidden seal. Thick
leather belt, cross belt, shoulder holster and boots shine dully as gold
ensign rank badges glimmer over heart and on the short, standing collar.
Fleet Ops, name and NRSD Deliverance patches blaze from the jacket
shoulder. 'C. Frithuwulf'. The belt carries a leather socket for datapad,
comm unit and other handy essentials.

Race: Human/Mandalorian

Homeworld: Messina

Age: 24

Profession: New Republic Officer

Height: 5' 10"


Weight: -glare-

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Brown


Personal Information:

Marital Status: Single

Spouse's Name: -

Children: -

Mother: Lauren Jaidak-Firestorm-Davis

Father: Derrin Firestorm-Davis

Other Family: an older sister, three brothers

Education: Standard, plus graduated NR Fleet Academy

Force Training: No

Master's Name: -

Light or Dark: -


Psychological Description

IQ: Above average

Fears: Reptiles

Temperament: Ambitious, competitive, workaholic

Likes: Rain, cool temperatures, competition

Dislikes: Heat, pimentos, bland foods

Pet Peeves: Interruptions, particularly those involving squalling babies

Goals in Life: GENERAL C. Frithuwulf. Revenge, preferably involving
welding torches. Or starving vermin.

Favorite Color: Yellow

Drink: Rigellian Brandy

Pasttimes: Sharpshooting, exercise

Food: Spicy chili

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Running


Military History

Rank: Lieutenant

Status: Active

Army: New Republic

Branch: Security

Special Abilities: Resistance to Interrogation & Torture, Mind Probes

Financial Status: Upper Lower Class

Reputation: None



Personal History:


Cyn grew up in a medium sized town. At a young age Cyn's parents
disappeared and guardianship of the children reverted to an uncle they'd
never seen. Coming from a long line of military people, he instituted a
strict regimen of discipline wholly foriegn to the children. Cyn in
particular had trouble adapting to the changes and took the brunt of the
punishments meted out. Her sister took the route of compliance and


She didn't care for school either, and her grades consistently hovered in
the C/C- range and she was a discipline problem there as well. Cyn missed
a great deal of school, partially due to truantism partly as she was an
accident prone child. At age 7 she was admitted to the emergency room
with a broken left arm. After hospital personnel reported the broken arm
and burn markings old and recent, as well as bruising Family Services
were called in. Cyn was considered withdrawn and uncooperative with
disassociation from parents and authority figures. They recommended she
be removed from her home for further evaluation over a 6 month period,
after which Cyn was returned to her gaurdian. After repeated discipline
by teachers was deemed uncontrollable, with a lack of respect for
authority or remorse for acts of vandalism attributed to her.


At 8 she was in the emergency room again with burn scarring on soles of
feet, arms, back of neck and other places. At 11 with two broken ribs and
concussion from a fall. Afterwards something changed. Her grades rose to
A- and she no longer was a problem in school.


Her sister left home the day she graduated and took a job on a casino
ship near Nar Shadaa.


When Cyn graduated she crossed the border to the Alliance and signed up
at the first place she found. Accepted as a Star Ops trainee (Academy)
she served 6 months with distinction and a B+ average before applying for
transfer to Fleet Ops, no reason given. Various letters of recommendation
by flight instructors, and extensive hours in the simulators were
appended to her files. In Fleet she at first went into Gunnery, assigned
to the NRSC Deliverance . There she was noticed by Commander Arands and
transferred from Gunnery to a position as Flight Director, and Arands'
assistant. With her Star Ops history she served as his liason to the
pilots on board and participated in several away missions in his stead,
usually dealing with the Corporate Sector.


On one such mission she encountered a mercenary, Morrison Van Sen
. Assassins attempted to kill him at
the spaceport and his method of dealing with them intrigued her. She
followed. They spoke briefly in the nearby cantina, until he spotted
another assassin. Cyn left with him and became embroiled in the firefight
that followed. Morrison disappeared midway through and Cyn took cover in
a semi-abandoned building, too late realizing it was a trap. The building
exploded around her. She was thrown clear and managed to drag herself to
the cover of an alley. One of the assassins appeared out of nowhere and
stabbed her in the arm with a poisoned blade.


Cyn awoke to find Morrison asleep beside her, her arm bandaged and
injuries treated. He admitted he'd used her as bait to draw the others
into the open where he could deal with them and told her a little about
himself. They met again on another world where she was negotiating a
treaty for Arands (long overdue arrival), and resumed their relationship.
Cyn suspects that Morrison is an agent of some kind, but doesnt know
who's. He is actually much more.


As the war began to heat up in their region the Deliverance came under
attack, first in skirmishes then a pitched battle with a star destroyer
fleet. Deliverance and its crew suffered heavy casualties. Arands was
among those injured, and his duties were assigned to someone else. With
little to do now and little hope of Arands return anytime soon, Cyn
transferred into Security and has remained there ever since.


New Republic Academy Medical records: Age 18. Perfect health. Previous
healed injuries noted: 5 broken ribs, arm in 3 locations, old burn
scarring on soles of feet, arms, back of neck. Other unidentified
scarring. Quiet. No seeming attachment to Empire despite early exposure.


Imperial Security Bureau of Operations file #000278509524270-3806-237895

Lauren Jaidak-Firestorm-Davis


Aliases Used: Star

Homeworld: Mandalore

-------------------- Personal Information --------------------

Father: Lourne Jaidak (deceased)(autopsy report)

Mother: Arabella Jaidak (deceased)(autopsy report)

Husband: Derrin Firestorm-Davis (presumed deceased)

-------------------- Physical Information --------------------

Age: 54 (if alive)

Ht: 5'6"

Eyes: Blue-green

Hair: Black

IQ: High

------------------------- Psychological Information

Known Fears: None.

Academy psychologist note: Subject Cadet Jaidak exhibits a lack of
concern for other individuals in the extreme, and pronounced lack of
sexual interest. Extreme case of zeno-hatred.

---------------- Military history ----------------

Cadet, Imperial Academy (honorably discharged). Space Forces

----------------- Known Information -----------------

Profession: Imperial Registered Bounty Hunter. License now lapsed.
Commended on several occasions. Employment: COMPNOR, ISB, (various
Imperial aligned or criminal figures)

Note: Skilled Jedi hunter.

Education: Basic education at home via tutorial droid. Imperial Flight
Academy of Davian - 3 years (incomplete) Various weapon and combat
training courses - Certified

Drink of choice: Rigellian Brandy.

Hobbies: Sharpshooting.

Last known Residence: Modified Incom "Explorer" Scout vessel Taurgimon's
Forge. Mandalore-Imperial registration.

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