Dani of Zeltros


PLAYER: Season Irwin

NAME:  Dani  of  Zeltros, Southern Sector   [  Based on the persona from the 
old SW Marvel Comics ]

AGE:  26 standard years [ Or close to Luke's age ]

RACE:   Zeltron - all Zeltrons are humanoid in appearance.

Hair, skin and eyes are all a deep shade of red.  5'  9" tall,
long-limbed, with a healthy, lovely figure.  Long, thick red hair,
combed back from her forehead. Dresses in basic black most of the
time.  Wears long black gloves with circles cut out up their length.
Has a powerful, sensuous walk.  OCCUPATION:  Free-Lance Mercenary.
Seeks out information and sells it to the highest bidder.  A member
of the Mercenary Guild.  MARITAL STATUS:  Single.

Extremely healthy and strong.  Capable of acrobatic stunts.  Accurate
with her blasters. Thinks on her feet very well.  Has been known to
overcome Imperial Storm Troopers one-on-one.  Excellent thief.
BEHAVIOR:  Very sociable and warm toward all sentient beings.
Friendly to a fault.  Likes gold and precious objects - the more
unusual the better.  Thieves at any opportunity.  Has collected
bounties before [ One quote:  " Sorry, darling-but even Zeltrons have
to eat! " ].  Parties often with her crew and other beings.  Can be
very air-headed and stubborn. Fairly selfish, but she has a very big
heart.  Has tremendous affection for Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master.  Is
dangerous when backed into a corner. Known for her playful flirting
with males of any species, particularly Skywalker, or anyone with
something she wants.  Can be very loyal when she wants to be.

Dani had worked for Rik Duel, another Merc, but fled when he was put
in prison for the rest of his life.  She met up with Luke when he was
still fairly young and fell head-over- heels in love with him.
Hasn't gotten over her attraction for him, much to Luke's dismay,
although she senses he secretly appreciates her attention.  STANDING
WITH THE EMPIRE:  Is wanted in over 12 star systems for murder.  As
she is selling important information to anyone who will pay well, no
one actively pursues her any more.  LIKES:  Parties, handsome males,
dancing.  Being in the company of Luke Skywalker.  Wearing beautiful
clothing.  Collecting more treasures.  Gold.  PERSONAL BELONGINGS:  A
pair of high-powered blasters strapped across her hips; a very nice
looking, very maneuverable ship named the Lover's Embrace which
carries 12 plus cargo, comfortable lounge and well-equipped galley.
Has high-powered blasterfire and small missles, hyperspeed, and an
ingenious locking device;  many precious objects that belong in
museums or royal treasuries.  Her own crew, consisting of four young
Zeltron men.  [ See their persona bios for more information. ]

Solitary confinement.  Losing her precious things.  That Luke will
stop loving her [  she can dream he does, can't she?? ].  Being
tortured.  Losing her ship.  Dark-siders, though she keeps this a

Being without friends.  Traveling and working alone.  Men who are
rude to her.  Not being surrounded by comfort.  Lacking adventures.
Not seeing Luke for awhile.  Not getting her own way.  BLASTER BATTLE

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