Daniel Tarkanein
Physical Description

Homeworld:Alpha Mindax

Profession:Sith Interrogator

Weight:180 lbs.




Height:6í 2Ē


Personal Information
Marital Status:	Single
Spouseís Name:	N/A
Children:	Chelsea

Mother:Annalee [Graf] Tarkanein

Father:Michael Tarkanein

Education:	Primary school, Alpha Mindax. Impe≠rial Space Academy.

Force Training:Yes

Masterís Name:Lord Jarek Alderson

Light or Dark:Dark

Psychological Description

IQ: High	

Fears: Those morepowerfulthan him, losing his power.

Temperament:	Cool and confident. Sometimes arrogant.

Likes:	Power and control.

Dislikes:	Those who donít use power as he thinks it should be used. Aliens.

Pet Peeves: Those he sees as weak. 

Goals in Life: To secure a safe and relatively powerful place in whatever government rules.

Favorite Color: Gray 
Pasttimes:	Reading 
Drink: Tatooine Sunrise
Food: Rare Ewok Steak
Hobbies:	Practicing the Force, chess

	Military History:
Rank:	N/A
Status:	N/A
Army:	N/A
Branch:	N/A

Special Abilities:Interrogator.

Personal History:

Daniel was born on Alpha Mindax to an Imperial Revenue Service agent
and an auditor the agent had met through his work. Almost immediately
Daniel showed great Force potential and after he completed a special
curriculum at Alpha Mindax Imperial wn Primary schools he was sent to
the Imperial Space Academy.  While he was in the Academy he met a
young woman in the same course as himself, Interrogation, named
Nedege, Michael Cairnfell's sister.

At the Academy he excelled in most of his courses and when he
graduated with a specialization in interrogation techniques,
hewasturned overto Lord Jarek Alderson of the Sith to work on his
Force ability.  As most expected, he immediately showed great power
and in just under a year Lord Jarek Alderson with the help of his
apprentice master at the time, Lord Vordis, had fully trained him in
the ways of the Sith.

During this time Daniel developed his notions about himself and his
world. He realized in early encounters with the Emperor that despite
his desire for control, he had nowhere near enough power to take on
the Emperor. He decided that he would work for the most secure and
powerful spot he could get for himself. He also met some other Sith
Lords and decided that some of them, those who would not use their
powerto its fullest were beneath contempt. Anyone who hasapowershould
use itforall its worth, became his guiding principle.

Once he completed his training and his Sith test, he was assigned an
extended mission to travel the outer unaligned systems and find those
that might go over to the Rebellion. Under the guise of a diplomatic
envoy, he would discreetly use his talents to find the leanings of
different planetary governments. He was given a Star Destroyerto help
him carry out his mission.

For much of his mission he was unaware of the goings on in the Core.
He has recently returned just after Port Lansing 94] and was shocked
to find what had happened. He could not believe that a coup had been
staged, and he could not believe that the Emperor had allowed things
to get in such a state in the first place.  He came to the conclusion
that the Empire was run by fools who, though they had power, would
never use it effectively. He also decided that the Empire was
doomed.  He made a decision then that he would stake his future with
the Rebellion.

He renounced the Emperor, but still retains his loyalty to his old
master Lord Alderson, whom he respects greatly.  He left his ship and
has begun trying t o make contacts with the Rebellion. He hopes that
he will be able to secure a position of relative power within the New

Daniel kidnapped the Lady Majadar-Palpatine, the fiance of Lord
Salvatore del Balaam, and held her for ransom. Salvatore payed the
Ransom, Daniel freed majadar, then Salvatore demanded Daniel turn
himself over to Salvatore's Custody. Daniel refused and Salvatore
Killed Daniels's parents.

Daniel then began kidnapping memebrs of the circle, Arretta Farris,
Darana Cairnfell, and Raven Palpatine. He mind controlled both
Arretta and Darana to kill Salvatore. Darana Succeeded.

When the Alliance discovered what Daniel had done, an investigation
was opened and Daniel left the Alliance and went into hiding from
both the Empire and the Alliance.

When his former Master was exectured by his wife Anelis Palpatine,
Daniel rescued jarek's daughter from an Imperial Cell. She agreed to
workd for him for three years in return for the risk he took in
freeing her.

Two years later, Daniel was captured, and shot by Emperor's orders at
Port Lansing Station.

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