Darana Surragar Cairnfell


Race: Human/Valassian
Profession: Assassin
Weight: 11.92 Stones/135
Height: 5'9/6'1
Age: 34
Hair: Brunette Auburn/Silver
Eyes: Green/Red

Marital Status: Divorced
Spouse's Name: Deveron Arsein-Davis
Children: Michael Cairnfell (Adopted)

Nieces/Nephews: Janin Firestorm, Samantha Connelly, Raych Firestorm, Derrin Firestorm, Ralf Firestorm, Cyn Frithwulf.

Mother: Serris Surragar
Father: Asher Bellaronte

Natural Mother: Maria Kylin
Natural Father: Bryan Kylin

Darana's House

Education: At age 8 Darana was taken into the Assassin's guild on her homeworld, Rhiendol. She also holds the equivalent of a Bachelors in Chemistry.

Force Training: Yes
Master's Name: Emperor Palpatine
Light or Dark: Dark; Master

Military History:

Rank: General
Status: Inactive
Army: Imperial
Branch: Red Guard

Psychological Description

IQ: Very High
Fears: Losing Control, People getting too close, Failing in her Destiny.

Temperament: Calm and Calculating. Stands by her word.

Likes: Getting to the point of a conversation.
Dislikes: Socialites and People with no fortitude.

Pet Peeves: Arrogance

Goals in Life: To retire to a nice quiet life on Valass.

Favorite Color: Blood Red
Drink: Denebian Slime Devil
Hobbies: Taking things Apart
Past Times: Researching History

Special Abilities: Darana's main talent in the Force is Illusion. Her other abilities include: telepathy, mind reading and tracing force energies. Darana has a matrix crystal that her ex-husband taught her to focus her Force Ability trough. while it increased her capability the draw back was the harm that could be done to her through the destruction or removal of the crystal. Darana is a Sword Master and is well versed in most weapons forms.

Personal History

Born Gina Kylin on the planet Rhiendol, she showed unusual propensity for stealth and balance. She was recruited into the Assassin's guild at age 8. Her family later tried to take her out of the guild...they were all executed. At age 21 Gina entered the Emperor's service as his personal assassin. The Emperor placed her under a life long contract or until he released her; thus binding her mercenary skills to the Empire.

The Cover of Lady Aurelia Tiandris was created for her to move about court freely. Secretly she trained with Lord Taras, developing her Force abilities, went on covert missions at the Emperor's orders, and served as a red guard when not on missions.

Gina was captured by the Alliance in 9311 and held prisoner for 6 months. During this time they learned of her alternate identity as Aurelia, and of her true mission as an assassin.

Once Gina was traded back to the Empire she immediately underwent plastic surgery, taking on the identity of a deceased student at the Sith Academy; Darana Cairnfell.

Darana was then placed under Lord Vordis for training. Immediately a clone of Gina Kylin was created and given free reign to act as Aurelia/Gina. After creating and integrating the clone into Imperial life Darana hired the Warrior Women of the Tri-Galaxy to kidnap Patrick Hawkwood, Chief of Alliance Security. Hawkwood was then programmed to kill Aurelia Tiandris/Gina Kylin on site.

Soon after this, 9404.10, Darana passed her test and became a full Sith.

Together with Lady Raven Palpatine, Darana, Aurelia, and Vordis captured Serris Surragar; Scout for Alliance Intelligence and Wife to an Imperial traitor Asher Belleronte.

Darana began leading the interrogation of Serris but, was knocked unconscious during the interrogation session of another prisoner. Aurelia resumed the interrogation of Serris with the assistance of Lord Vordis and Lady raven. Aurelia soon brought Serris to believe that she had married Vordis and that Darana and Aurelia were her children.

As Darana was unconscious at the time, she was also mind controlled into believing that she was the daughter of Vordis and Serris. This way when she came to, the concerned Serris would not be upset by Darana's Confused reaction.

At Port Lansing 9405, Hawkwood fulfilled his programming and killed Aurelia Tiandris/Gina Kylin. Serris Surragar, pregnant with twins, miscarried. Darana passed out from the backlash of the miscarriage and Gina's death. Kirienne Solo, Luke Skywalker, Prism NightHawk, and several other Jedi helped to heal Serris and Darana. During the process they discovered and undid the programming left behind by Aurelia.

After Port Lansing Darana was adopted by Serris into the Surragar family. Asher met the decision with reluctance, but did accept it.

94.11 Darana married Deveron Arsein-Davis and begins developing her household.

Darana was ordered into the Alliance by the Emperor in early 95. Her orders were to learn the ways of the Jedi and how the Alliance worked. Darana spent 7 months training with Luke before she was captured and returned to the Empire. By this point Darana truly had no desire to return.If given the choice she would have refused to return and retired from the war. However, she had given her word to the Emperor that she would return when ordered. She had no choice but to honor the original contract; which the Emperor refused to terminate. Instead, he began her training as a Sith Master personally.

Shortly after Darana's return to the Empire she was kidnapped, tortured and programmed by Daniel Tarkenien. Her programming was to kill Lord Salvatore, the Lord Inquisitor of the Empire. Darana was partially successful in her efforts. Salvatore jumped into her body as she killed him.

After this incident, with the rogue Sith Lord, Darana implemented a new training measure in her household which has become known as HELL.

The next major event occurred in 9605. Darana was put on trial by her guild master. She was ordered to return and submit to a full mind wipe and reprogramming. Darana returned however, her household and the Emperor refused to allow the Guild to carry out its sentence. Under the guidance of the Emperor, the household attacked Rhiendol and destroyed the guild. The Guild Master escaped but, the Sith working with him did not. The Sith was killed and his Spirit placed into a crystal and later presented to Darana.

Darana's guards slashed her throat as the building began to fall apart. The Emperor, sensing her death at hand, opened his link to her and pulled her spirit from her body and into him. After the attack, Kirienne Solo returned Darana's body to Coruscant. Darana Cairnfell was buried a week later.

The body of Liett barezz was presented by Wynn as a temporary home for Darana to use. Liett is 5' 7", Long blonde hair, Blue eyes, and a thin figure. Still in shock from her 'death' Darana returned to Valass for a vacation. While there Darana was presented with the body of a Surragar relative who was now a living vegetable. Darana thanked the family and now uses this as her body. Upon returning to Coruscant Raven Palpatine presented Darana with A clone of her original body. All of Darana's 'shells' are stored in the lower level of the household in stasis. Darana has limited ability to body jump.

Darana believe's in not wasting resources. To this end she created 'body banks' where condemded prisoners are held to supply needed transplants for hurt Imperial Personnel on the front lines.

Among her other projects are a non-traceable conditioning. Code words are embedded in the subjects mind and, when activated, will follow her, or any other specified household memebrs, orders. SHe investigated the use of Force Users as part of a Star Destroyers defense system. The project was shut down by the Emperor.

Darana discovered in 2000 that she has a half bother, Kain, who was taken by the Rogue Sith that worked with her assasin's guild. She is also concerned about the growing attempts by the Alliance to infiltrate the household.

In 2001.07 Deveron returned refusing to acknoledge the divorce. he has taken up residence in the house and has once again begun training students.

The household was broken up after Port Lansing of 2002 and Darana was promoted to general and reassigned to handle high risk missions. Darana was then sent up to a Star Destroyer where Wynn Barezz surgically altered her force ability and signature. Her links were rendered useless and her abilities changed.

After several successful returns from suicide missions Darana is placed in cryo by the Emperor only to be removed by Wynn Barezz. He lets her go after a a long conversation adn Darana goes to hide on Shardakour.

After several months Anelis Palpatine contacts Darana and brings her out of hiding. Darana relocates to Rehalla and under Princess Anelis's command works to rebuild the third circle.

In 2003 she has had several run-in's with Xanatos Du'Cruet and those loyal to him. Taken on new students Kaehlyiah returning to her from the house, Katyana a force sensitive spy from the Alliance discovered during the attack ordered on Arridor, Nolan Talsiir returning after an extended mission, Diamond coming to her after escaping from telos, and rizanab. This page was last updated:
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